What is a sit on top kayak

“Sit on top” is the term for a type of kayak in which the kayaker, instead of sitting in the kayak, is sitting on a “chair” above the kayak. The chair of “sit on top” kayak is slightly above the water surface, so the paddler is sitting higher than in a conventional kayak.

The height of the hull above the water surface facilitates drainage of water from the chair and the “hole for luggage” to the outside, through a drain hole. Some “sit on top kayaks” are equipped with thigh straps or belts for possible additional baggage, such as fishing kayaks.

Definition of a sit on top kayak

A “sit on top” kayak is a self-emptying kayak. A sit on top kayak can be a recreational kayak, a fishing kayak, a diving kayak, a surfing kayak, even a sea kayak. The “open cockpit” allows the kayaker ride and exit easily from the beach, dock or the water.

You can shovel without feeling trapped: In a “sit on top” you can enjoy all the beauty that proposes kayaking, without learning the difficult maneuvers a self-rescue, as the Eskimo roll, because it will not need. If you fall into the water, it is much easier to get on a sit on top kayak than a conventional kayak. It is a kayak for all ages.

Compared with a sea kayak, a ‘sit on top” is shorter, wider, and, therefore, slower. However, a “sit on top” kayak is relatively maneuverable. But they can not compete, for example, whitewater kayaks.

The “sit on top” is usually molded plastic (polyethylene), although there are also “sit on top” kayak make of fiberglass.

The hull of the kayak follow Islander model, for example, It consists of air chambers, whereby the kayak can not sink (kayaks from Islander manufacturer are kayaks for anyone(i.e Islander kayaks are designed for beginners recreational kayaking, surfing, and fishing)

Sit on top kayak – the best for beginner

The “sit on top” kayak is a recreational kayak to the beach, surfing, fishing and even diving. The models of sit on top kayaks adapted to diving, called “Divejak.” Principally it has thought of kayaking beginners. Beginners are looking for a stable, simple and economic kayak. All these features are embarked in the “sit on top” kayak

Sit on top kayak is used for its simplicity. Kayaks are easy to handle, and because of the closed helmet are almost unsinkable and very robust. Kayaks are found in coastal areas, lakes or beach for rent.

Kayaking beginners value the “sit on top” kayak because with this type of kayak disappear fear, unable to free itself from water in case the kayak overturn. “Sit on top” also have a very stable floating position, and make kayaker feels safe, despite the high seating position.

6 Advantages of a sit on top kayak

A sit on top kayak shares many benefits with a “sit inside” kayak. However it has some additional benefits:

  • Comfort: Kayakers with long legs or with limited flexibility feel less trapped in the sit on top kayak.
  • The biggest advantage will be the self-rescue: The kayakers sits above the kayak, outdoors. There is no need to learn and practice the Eskimo roll.
  • If you do not want to haul a kayak expedition when you leave, there is no problem, because the beaches are precisely these types of kayak for rent.
  • The sit on top kayak is a multi-use kayak. There are sit on top kayaks specialized in diving, fishing and surfing, but manufacturers usually have in mind the beginner, and want to offer a kayak “road.”
  • Sometimes navigate a sit on top kayak is easier than in other kayaks, for example, a sea kayak, with ultimate stability.
  • The sit on top kayak is usually much cheaper than a sea kayak or other kayak, because the material, rotational molded plastic, is very inexpensive.
  • Your dog, if you’re an owner, can accompany much easier than in a closed kayak, as usual for a sea kayaking.

Sit on top kayak manufacturers:

The United States was the first who offered “sit on top”, then Europe and the Mediterranean coast.

Kayaking is no longer a hard discipline for hard Olympians but has become a favorite sport. Therefore, the demand for these types of kayaks has grown.

Manufacturers such as Bic, Islander, Ocean, etc. have specialized in the manufacture of sit on top kayaks. In the below image there are different models of sit on top kayaks from different manufacturers.