History Of Kayaks

The Indians and the tribes of the Aleutians, in the Arctic region of North America, were the first people to build and use kayaks. At first, there were two basic types of kayaks: one built of light wood and the other composed of animal skins coating a structure of whale bones. Members of tribes used whale fat to waterproof boats. To improve buoyancy, they filled bladders (seal) air and fit the sections of the stern and the bow.

history of kayaking
In addition to individual, similar versions to modern kayaks, they also used the umiaqs, larger kayaks that could carry entire families and their possessions. Some of umiaqs reached length of 18 meters. The smaller kayaks were used primarily for hunting. The word kayak means “hunter’s boat.” The kayaks were ideal for hunting because they were furtive. The Inuit could approach unsuspecting animals on the coast or in the water.
The kayaks arrived in Europe (in English) in the first half of the 19th century, in the form of boats with flexible side, and French and Germans soon began to use them for sporting purposes. Kayaks also maintained its practical uses – explorers of the North Pole and South Pole took them with him on his expeditions. In 1931, a man named Adolf Anderle was the first person to kayak down the rapids of Salzachofen. This adventure may have been the precursor to the modern practice of kayaking in white water. The International River Difficulty Scale (in English) was established not long after, to classify the degree of danger of a certain rapids – and the same system still in use today.
In 1936, in Berlin, the Olympics now include kayaking competitions. The United States (US) joined the sport about the same time when women also began to compete – two years after the Olympics, Genevieve Colmont became the first woman to go down the Green and Colorado rivers in kayaks. The “hard” kayaks, fiberglass, emerged in the 50s and became the standard category until the polyethylene plastic pass to be used in the 80s until the 70s, the kayak was a sport with modest number enthusiasts in the US. In that decade, his practice has gained popularity. Now, the Olympic Games offer over 10 different tests kayaking.
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Benefits of Tandem Kayaks

Tandem kayaks or 2 person inflatable kayak?

Tandem kayaks offer more versatility than their single counterparts. Rowers enjoy the attributes on its activities – kayaking. Time tour lakes, rivers or seas, kayakers enjoy being among nature. From your boat, rower to get a unique perspective of the landscape tour through maneuvering close to wildlife, whitewater, caves, or any other point of interest that they may want to explore. Although single person kayaks are the most popular type of kayak, double, or dancers are gaining popularity. Tandems certainly offer more options for paddlers plus the single kayak.


Experience and Physical Function

People with little or no experience of paddling a kayak can find comfort sharing a set with more experienced paddlers. Those never having spent a time in a kayak you can paddle out in the ocean surf accompanied by an experienced tour guide with confidence. Rowers with experience in calm waters can shoot the rapids with experienced whitewater paddlers. Physically disabled people can enjoy the kayaking experience in relative safety with little or no physical exertion sharing a tandem kayak with an experienced captain.


Although the tandem kayak can be heavier than the only sports, the set has a line of lonely water, which helps dancers potential speed. In addition, two rowing working together can achieve higher speed than a single kayak. A weaker rower most of the time will occupy the front, or bow position in kayaking. The rower on the back, or the captain’s seat, will follow the pace imposed by the weaker person, ensuring the pair paddle in harmony.


A tandem kayak can unite people, whether family or friends. Sierra Trading Post says that tandem kayaks can be so many different things to different people, and that’s what you one of the most versatile and fun craft cottage to the coast makes. If you do not like paddle alone, or your spouse is not comfortable rowing your own boat, consider a tandem kayak. Although larger, more expensive and harder to paddle solo, tandem boats can be great fun, too, according to the Journal kayak.


A larger kayak means more room for both rowers, and the arts. A single rower can use the living and vacant storage area of a boat tandem that would otherwise be occupied for a second rower for camping, fishing or hunting gear. Inflatable Kayak World.com suggests removing one of the seats, and secure your place in the middle of the ship. This is where you will get the best performance and control of your boat.

What are the health benefits of kayaking?

If you like being outside and having fun in the sun, then there are a plenty of activities for out in the world. One of the most exciting sport or I should say ‘the water sport’ is kayaking. I have seen people of all ages love this amazing water sport. In order to perform this activity, you need to be in the best of fitness, as this sport will test your body. Kayaking is mostly done in groups, but you can try it on your own as well. Kayaking can be done in the sea, river or a lake, so if you are interested in this stupendous water sport, then go online and find yourself a stylish, sporty and affordable kayaks. You can also buy inflatable kayaks as they are quite popular in the world these days.

Kayaking will put your entire body at work, so you need to have a proper fitness level. Your strength is also going to get a lot better while you perform the sport, but there are some prerequisites as well. Your legs and foot muscles also need to be strong because you have to paddle a lot in order to move forward and reduce the resistance caused by the incoming water. While kayaking, you have to make use of an oar to dissipate the volume of water surrounding the kayak. This will give a good exercise to your abdominal region. There is no doubt when I say that kayaking is going to give you a countless number of health benefits, and it is a super-exciting sport as well, so you are going to have a great time doing kayaking. Now, let us get in detail about the beneficial aspect of this ultimate water sport.


What are the benefits of paddling

We live a stressful life, which is surrounded by the issues concerning to money, love-life and jobs. When you get some free time, then instead of sneaking into a blanket, go out and try kayaking. You will feel a lot more refreshed and energetic once you glide through the waters. There is no better feeling than getting closer to nature, and by doing kayaking, you get to experience that feeling. This sport is like a therapy that will help you relax your muscles and mind. When you paddle repeatedly, you get a rhythm that is similar to meditating.

A perfect blend between the exercise and excursion:

While most people take kayaking as a fun activity, which it is, but it also is a great way to burn calories and bring your body into the motion. If you do kayaking on a regular basis, you will end up losing some weight and you won’t even notice it. Moreover, it is not like other activities where your body gets exhausted by overdoing. This is a low impact activity, which is full of fun and a great way to stay fit.

While most people take kayaking as a fun activity, which it is, but it also is a great way to burn calories and bring your body into the motion. If you do kayaking on a regular basis, you will end up losing some weight and you won’t even notice it. Moreover, it is not like other activities where your body gets exhausted by overdoing. This is a low impact activity, which is full of fun and a great way to stay fit.

Effective weight loss activity:

If you are a regular kayaker, then you must have noticed a huge change in your waist size. Well, regular kayaking can help in losing weight, as you get to burn around 400 calories in an hour, which is quite phenomenal. On top of it, you don’t feel tired instead you feel a lot more energetic as if you can be a part of the ‘Avengers’ team. So, this is perhaps the best water sport that you can try in order to improve your health, fitness and overall lifestyle.

Improves Stamina:

People who suffer from unnecessary fatigue should do kayaking on a daily basis as it can significantly improve their stamina. There is no need to take any medicines or health supplements because stamina is like the energy that is in a hibernation mode, so when you indulge in an activity such as kayaking, your body starts responding in that particular way. Kayaking can bring a dramatic change in your overall fitness.

Get a properly shaped body:


People who believe that kayaking is just helpful for the upper body parts are completely wrong because in kayaking, the entire body is playing a crucial role to keep the kayak float and moving in the right direction. So, kayaking helps in toning the entire body, from shoulders, arms, abdominals, thighs, legs and feet. Just make sure that you buy the right kayak accessories in order to protect your body from injuries.

The kayaking is becoming in US as one of the most popular water sports. A ride in calm waters can provide fun, relaxation and quality of life.

When we slide the kayak on the water and interact with the tranquility of the natural environment have no idea of the significant benefits that this activity provides health.

According to the Better Health website, using the kayak is able to improve cardiovascular fitness, besides strengthening various muscle groups in the entire body. This benefit is extended when using kayaks that can also be pulled through the leg movements, which, alternately, is able to keep his whole body active.

While regular aerobic activity, the kayak can generate numerous benefits, such as more strength, better cholesterol levels, controlling blood pressure and blood sugar.

Take a paddle and go watch the sunrise with nature, you will love it!

In conclusion

These are just a few benefits of this amazing water activity, but there are a lot more, which you will get to experience once you start doing it. If you do kayaking in a group, then you will be able to get a lot more about team building, coordination and covering up for any weak team member in the kayak. So, get yourself an inflatable kayak and get into the water today!

Best Places To Kayak In The US

The temperature continues to rise here in the US, which also means that water sports lovers are itching to go out and get into the water. I put myself into that category, as I too am a water sports lover and I want to have some fun in the sun. I have also put on some weight lately, so I want to get rid of it as well. I know a sport that can fulfil all my requirements. This sport is called kayaking and it is extremely popular here in the United States.

Kayaking is a sport for those who want to feel that adrenaline rush when their kayaks hit the water waves at some speed. I really like paddling my kayak in the water and muscle my way into the right direction. If you are looking for a place for kayaking in the wonderful country called the United States, then here are the top ten places for the kayaking enthusiasts to enjoy the chills and thrills of kayaking.

Cumberland Island, Georgia


This is regarded as the number one kayaking destination in the south-east part of the country. It is one of the biggest undeveloped barrier islands, not just in the US, but the entire world. It is also famous for its wilderness and vibrant species of animals. Kayakers can paddle across the Island and get to remote areas for fun and adventure. Kayakers will see beautiful sea life consisting of turtles, dolphins and more. The water is rough, so kayakers should carry all the vital accessories with them.

Cache La Paudre River, Colorado


This river has a lot to offer to the newcomers and professional kayakers. People will see different sections ranging from class II to V. These sections are based upon the difficulty level of the water. There is even a class VI that consists of a waterfall and is only accessible to highly experienced kayakers.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan

This is a place that is full of scenic beauty. Kayakers can ride their kayaks and watch beautiful sandstone cliffs that are up to 200 feet high. This is a paradise for kayakers, as they get 40 mile shoreline. Moreover, this lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the US, so spending time here would be an unforgettable experience.

New River, Ohio

When it comes to the oldest rivers in the US, New River takes the top spot. The name of the river is opposite to its age, but when it comes to fun and excitement, this is one of the most popular destinations for the kayaks. The river is surrounded by dense forests, which adds to the excitement of the kayaks.

Bois Brule, Wisconsin


Bois Brule is a French word that means burnt wood. This river is known for astonishing boathouses and preserved cabins. This place is perfect for those who are new to the kayaking, as the water is not that rough. Moreover, the kayakers are going to enjoy the scenic beauty and calmness that this place has in the offering. If you haven’t tried kayaking yet, then you should pack your bag and go to Wisconsin.

Moose River, New York

People living in the borders of the US and Canada should go and trying kayaking in Moose River. This river has different classes of rapids, so if you want to experience something extreme, then this is the place for you. Newcomers can also have a great time kayaking in this river. Apart from kayaking, people can also try different water sports.

The Ozarks, Arkansas and Missouri

This river flows through the southern part of the Missouri and get into the state of Arkansas. There is a lot of raw beauty to see for the kayakers, thus making it a paradise for kayakers and other water sports lovers. If you are a lazy person who just want to kayak in an easy-flowing streams and creeks, then this is a great place for you. The temperature also remains pretty good for adventure sports, which adds to the excitement of the people.

Potomac River, Washington DC to West Virginia

This is the fourth largest river that flows on the Atlantic coast of the country. The river flows through Washington DC to West Virginia, and in between, it crosses Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. The river is one of the most popular rivers when it comes to play water sports. The river ranges from Class II to Class V and more, which are ideal for all types of kayakers.

The Everglades, Florida

This is a place that consists of thousands of tiny islands that are covered with lush green forests, mangroves and a rich wildlife. If you are an adventurous kayaker, then you are going to like this place. It doesn’t matter if it is summer season or winter, the Everglades in Florida remains an ideal place for the adventure loving people.

Forks of the Kern River, California

This river is located near Mount Whitney and if kayakers need to reach this river, then they have to hike approximately 3 miles with their equipment. Everything is good about the river, except it has got a dangerous ten-foot waterfall, which can cause injuries to the kayakers if they fall in the wrong way. But, there are less chances of any accidents, as the authorities have taken care of each and everything.


So, these are the most popular places for kayakers to try out kayaking. Thousands of kayakers come and have a great time at these ultimate kayaking spots. You can check out more about these places on the web or in the books.

Materials Used To Make Kayaks

There is no scarcity of the kayak enthusiasts in the world. Kayaking is one such sport that is played in the water and thus, it gives a lot of adrenaline rush to the people. Back in the day, kayaks were quite bulky and had limited features, but not anymore. Kayaks that are available today are super-stylish and can be taken along to the right place easily. The materials that are used in the kayaks today are PVC and Hypalon, which are two of the most reliable and highly-efficient materials that could withstand a huge amount of pressure easily. If you are about to buy an inflatable kayak in the upcoming days, then it will be a PVC kayak, a Hypalon kayak or Nitrylon kayak.


For those who don’t know what PVC is, then it is called Poly-vinyl Chloride. It is one type of plastic that is manufactured quite cheaply. But, not to get confused with its cheap price because it is a highly durable material that is used in a wide range of applications, including kayaks

What are the beneficial aspects of using a PVC kayak?

PVC inflatable kayak materials

  1. Like I mentioned above that kayaks is a highly rugged material, so kayaks that are manufactured from PVC are extremely portable and convenient.
  2. PVC coated fabrics are also available in a wide range of colors, which allows kayak enthusiasts to choose their favorite colors.
  3. Inflatable kayaks that are made from PVC tend to stay intact for a long period of them it taken proper care by the kayakers.
  4. PVC is a cheaper material than Hypalon, which also means that PVC kayaks are also quite affordable.
  5. It is also possible to weld PVC, so kayakers can add more features into their kayaks.
  6. Kayakers who need to replace the faulty part in the kayaks can easily patch new PVC material to cover the old part.
  7. In order to increase the strength of the kayak, people add a coating of PVC on their kayaks.

Besides these beneficial aspects, there are a few drawbacks of PVC as well. PVC is not resistant to a wide range of chemicals and gasoline. Moreover, the benefits of the material get reduced when it is kept in the sunlight for a long period of time. Ultraviolet rays can also damage PVC, but if kayakers spray a UV protectant spray on the kayak, then it can save the material from getting damaged.

That was all about PVC kayaks, and if you are not fully convinced with the material, then not to worry. We have got another material for you, which is also quite popular with the inflatable kayak manufacturers. The name of the material is Hypalon, which is a synthetic rubber that is known for its resistance to extreme temperatures, UV rays and a host of chemicals. If an inflatable kayak is not made from PVC, then it ought to be made from Hypalon.

Let us check out its beneficial aspects on the Hypalon kayaks.

  1. Kayakers who put themselves into the category of ‘careless people’ should get the kayaks that are made from Hypalon. This material last the longest out of any material used to manufacture kayaks.
  2. Kayakers should not worry about any environmental elements, as the material has shown its resistance to all of them.
  3. There is no effect of the UV rays on the kayaks that are made from Hypalon.
  4. If Hypalon kayaks are coated with a material named ‘Neoprene’, then the kayaks become a flawless machine, as they will have superb air holding capabilities and high resistance to oil.
  5. You will also feel proud while having a Hypalon kayak because the same material is used in the boats ridden by US military and Coast Guard.

The material is a bit expensive when compared to its closest competitor ‘PVC’, but has more features to cover that price part. Moreover, people can’t weld Hypalon, so they have to glue the material on the concerned spot.

There is one more material that is used in the world today by the name of Nitrylon. This material is a lamination of natural rubber and synthetic rubber, thus making it a low polyester fabric.

Here are the beneficial aspects of having a kayak made from Nitrylon:

  1. This material is a lot more rugged and durable than the PVC.
  2. It is resistant to abrasion and punctures, so can be used in rough and tough places.
  3. People who want to do kayaking in winters can buy kayaks made from Nitrylon as it performs better than other materials during winters.
  4. Patching it is also easier when compared to the PVC.

The only drawback of this material is that it can be a bit heavy, so if you want to buy a kayak that is made from Nitrylon, then be ready to experience a heavier kayak.

Do’s and Dont’s For Inflatable Kayaking

Kayaking is one of the most thunderous water sports in the world right now. I don’t think if there is any place where kayaking is prohibited or an unfamiliar name. I have come across about this wonderful sport a few years ago, still, I took a lot of time to actually try it. I will put myself into the category of the beginners, and so, I will be giving a few tips about the do’s and don’ts of inflatable kayaking based on my experience. Kayaking is indeed a great sport, but can quickly turn into a life threatening event. Therefore, it is important to follow some tips before and during kayaking in order to ensure that you have sweet memories about the sport.

inflatable kayaking checklist do and don't

What are the Do’s?

  1. As you are kayaking for the first time, you should go with your family or friends. If you want to do kayaking alone, then at least you can give them an estimated time for your return. In case anything happens, they can start looking for you without wasting any time.
  2. You should have a pump and a repair kit with you at the time of kayaking. It is a rare chance that your kayak would be deflated or punctured, but you can’t take any chances in the water.
  3. You have to fill your kayak to its full capacity because only then, it will float smoothly. If the kayak is half inflated, then you will experience all sorts of discomforts.
  4. While loading your kayak, you have to make sure that the weight is evenly distributed in the kayak. Include your weight as well because I have seen people arranging all the tools and equipment without knowing that they are also supposed to sit in the kayak.
  5. If you are looking to kayak in a river or an ocean, then just make sure that you don’t go too far from the shore.
  6. Always keep a couple of water bottles with you, especially when you are kayaking in the sea or an ocean.
  7. If it is possible, then keep a radio phone with you, just in case, you are in trouble and want to call somebody. Cell phones may or may not work in the middle of nowhere.
  8. You should also carry all the signs and tools that are used when signalling for help.

What are the Don’ts?

  1. The kayaks available these days are pretty tough, but I would suggest that you keep distance from the sharp edges and rocks in the water. You never know when a sharp object cuts your tough kayak and punctures it.
  2. When moving your kayak down the stream, don’t disturb the wildlife. You can take pictures and adore the beauty, but don’t unnecessarily drag your leg into the nature.
  3. While taking your kayak into the water, don’t drag it, as the sharp stones and gravel may cause damage before you even start the activity. Carry the kayak to the water and then, put it down.
  4. Some people like to have a chilled beer or alcohol in the kayak, but don’t you do that mistake. Alcohol will dehydrate you and if the water is dirty, then you can be in a serious health problem.
  5. Don’t face off the large waves, instead, turn sideways to lower the impact of the waves. If you hit the wave head on, then there are chances that your kayak may overturn.
  6. If you are kayaking in the ocean, then keep your water bottle with you. If you have forgotten to take your water bottle, then don’t drink the ocean’s water, as it will cause severe damage to your liver and kidneys.
  7. After reaching back from kayaking, don’t leave your kayak too closely to the shore. One big shore can pull the kayak back into the water.
  8. I have seen people paddling way too hard and then, getting exhausted in the middle of the journey. Don’t do that mistake because then, the chances are there that you may drown in the water. Some people even sleep in the kayak, which is an awful thing to do, so try to stay awake and call for help.

Kayaking is fun, whether it is performed by a beginner or an expert. The key to a successful kayaking lies in the prerequisites that you follow. The do’s and don’ts that are mentioned above are based on my personal experience along with the experiences of many other kayakers. The main motive of providing all the do’s and don’ts is to omit the chances of errors. So, you should keep these points in your mind before going out for kayaking. I hope that you enjoy the sport without risking your life.

Lifetime Tamarack Angler Kayak Review

Kayaking as an activity has spread and is no longer restricted to just the retired folks and elderly women. With the passage of time it has gained popularity even amongst the younger generation who likes adventure, outdoors and fishing, I being one of them. I purchased my lifetime tamarack angler kayak a year ago and the experience on it has been enriching. Since the time that I have purchased it, I have taken it to the lake and ocean as well and the sailing has been real smooth. It is a sit on top kayak with a very comfortable backrest, so it’s very easy on your back on those long sailing trips.

Feature of Lifetime Tamarack Angler Kayak 

I am kayaking for a long time now, close to eight long years I would say. My friend Jude recommended me to the lifetime tamarack 120 kayak and I must honestly confess that it has outlived my expectation. The reason I say this with authority, being a first time user myself is

  • The stability is amazing, could even stand in it on the water without any fear whatsoever, since it was my first experience on a kayak.
  • The legroom is spacious, I am 6 feet tall, and so that was one of the prime concern for me.
  • The storage area is spacious.
  • Its light weight, only 50lbs, so carrying it and putting it on top of my SUV was really easy and comfortable.
  • The seats are adjustable to my liking. It can be pushed back or front according to my requirement.
  • The quality of the material used is of UV protected polyethylene of high density which gives it the stability that it requires.
  • Length, height and width are appropriate and well suited for this sort of sit on top kayak.
  • It has a 6 inches rear compartment that makes for a great paddling and kayaking experience for me.

Check Price on Amazon    Read More Customer Reviews

The lifetime tamarack angler kayak is mainly for people who are first time users, created by lifetime, it’s a masterpiece I must say. The price and the features it has is easily the best in its category.

Lifetime, the manufacturer did not try and compromise on the safety and the quality of the product in any way considering the price that the product is on offer. That only goes to show that they were committed to make the product worth your while.

Is it Worth Your While?

Of course it is. This lifetime kayak was created to give you an amazing experience, whether in the nearby lakes or ocean when you go on your fishing trips or adventure or expeditions. I am using this for a year now and am thoroughly satisfied, be it with the stability or the seats, the paddles, it is really awesome. When I bought the lifetime angler from Amazon I first researched about the various kayaks on offer I found great customer reviews of the product, most of them being expert users really, just like me. They had great things to say about the lifetime angler, be it with the price, the stability, the quality of the material used, the seats being very comfortable and adjustable, and to top it all the 5 year of company warranty associated with it. The choice of colors are amazing too I felt. I bought myself a red one, that being my favorite color.

A few tips to get started.

For the benefit of the buyers there are certain things that I would like to share with you that might be new to you. Since I am using the lifetime tamarack for some time now I wish to let you know that stability usually means that you get less speed on the water, however you will be in for a surprise because when I tested the kayak on water with a friend of mine who has motorized boat I must confess that the distance was not much with which he beat me but to my surprise I was able to catch up to him. It’s a sit on top kayak designed mainly for single user with a light weight of only 50lbs, so you will be surprised how easy it is to carry the kayak to and from the water unto your SUV, it’s hardly difficult considering the other kayaks which has to either tied or fixed on the roof rack system of your car.


The advantage of having the lifetime angler are manifold. For starters

  • The stability is amazing. I once even stood on the kayak not knowing if I would topple over and to my surprise I didn’t.
  • The seats are adjustable according to your liking, especially for those long fishing trips. My back don’t hurt at all.
  • There is plenty of space available for you, lot of extras given. The storage area is spacious.
  • The carry handle of the lifetime kayak is real easy. It has a front and rear handles for an easy ride.
  • The footrest area is comfortable. It has different footrest positions for different size riders.
  • Comfort pad for front and rear shock.
  • T shaped handles for easy access and use.


Well, wouldn’t call them disadvantage but: The lifetime tamarack sit on top kayak is meant generally for a single person. As compared to other top end kayaks, the features are obviously limited, like for example it does not have the glide technology. It light weight at 50lbs, so the stability is good, but you have to compromise on the speed. The seats are adjustable according to your convenience and comfort level.

Where to buy it?

This is the ultimate…. The lifetime tamarack on amazon.com is now available on a special deal.This lifetime kayak comes highly recommended from an expert kayaker like me who is in this line of work since the last 8 years. With this kind of crazy discounts on offer you can buy the lifetime kayak only at amazon.com at the earliest. Lucky you….


Folks, the word kayaking starts with lifetime tamarack angler kayak and ends with it. It is an experience in itself. No one can beat the spark that a person realizes after using it. Yes you are right, you do not need to think twice even, go grab it.

Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14 Fishing Kayak Review

  • Editor Rating

  • Rated 5 stars
  •  Spectacular

  • Hobie Pro Angler 14
  • Reviewed by: 
  • Published on: June 18, 2016
  • Last modified: June 19, 2016
  • Design
    Editor: 98%

  • Material
    Editor: 100%

  • Quality
    Editor: 100%

  • Price
    Editor: 95%

  • Overall
    Editor: 98%

  • Overall
    Editor: %

Review Summary:

The Hobie Pro Angler 14 is the perfect fishing kayak. It has an easy to reach cutting board, specific hull offers great stability, adjustable seat, and offers an extremely smooth ride. This is the perfect fishing boat for all fishing environments. The fish won’t know what hit them!

I think that the Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14  kayak has come as a blessing to all the people around the world who loves kayaking. Growing up in Florida, I have always been interested in fishing with my kayaks that I had before. However, when I bought my Hobie Pro Angler 14 in the month of June 2015 since then the experience of kayaking has changed for me completely because now I can paddle for long hours, thanks to mirage drive and glide system which makes it easier for you to use since it frees your hands and makes kayaking a whole lot of fun.

My Own Experience about Hobie Pro Angler 14


I have used the pro angler 14 in the Florida Keys, Key West, Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico about 7 to 8 times and I must admit that the experience has been amazing.

The reason I say this is because:

  • It not only is it easy on the water but also its very stable and you can use it on the long stretches without any fear of mishap
  • If you wish then you can even stand up on it and not worry of tipping over since its very sturdy.
  • The best part about hobie pro angler 14 is that it can be called a boat because of its built for one thing specifically, that’s fishing. Even the company does not mention the product in its kayak category because of its size and weight factor. The hobie was designed especially for the purpose of fishing. I basically bought the hobie 14 as my sole purpose was to go fishing with it, and that’s one of the best decisions I have ever made, though the kayak is a bit on the heavier size in terms of size and a bit steep in terms of its pricing.


Features of Hobie Pro Angler 14 Fishing Kayak


The Hobie Pro Angler 14 is designed to keep the utmost comfort for the people who loves going fishing because of the vantage sitting system. I have never experienced any body pain even after paddling for long hours, for example up to 6 to 7 hours at a stretch at about 4 knots without any difficulty.

  • The seats are adjustable according to your comfort level and for maximum support for long periods on the water.
  • The new Pro Angler 14 is using the innovative mirage drive and glide technology so it gives you the hands free experience and helps to paddle faster as well which makes kayaking even more fun experience.
  • One look at the Hobie Pro Angler 14 and you would know that it is customized for fishing activities. It has storage everywhere and you can bring your fish on the storage itself without bothering to carry any extra cases with you. It has fishing road storage, an awesome tackle storage and ready installation for additions like fish finder. I stand when I fish without any difficulty.
  • The amazing thing about it is its speed and stability both on the fresh and salt water. I have also got a sail along with it, so when there is a low wind it helps to sail smoothly.
  • Fixing a headlamp has also increased the pleasure for night fishing. It’s like every fisherman’s fantasy come true.
  • In the this fishing kayak you can have 4 rods horizontally and 2 rods vertically in the rod holders and it is a vessel customized to get you fish and it is a virtual heaven for a kayaker who only wants to fish. Since it’s a hundred times more stable than a normal kayak, so you can do your normal fishing activities standing up without the fear of tripping over as well.

However, the plus points of the product outweighs the minor details such as this. Fishing and kayaking through the water and maintaining perfect stability and speed irrespective of the fact that the water is a bit on the rough side or calm, salt water or clear has never been more enjoyable and fulfilling.


The Benefits of this Pro Angler 14


  • One of the most outstanding features of the hobie 14 is the vantage sitting system. You can adjust the height and the sit as per your requirement. Unlike other kayaks which I have tried on several occasions where the seats were hard and would make me real uncomfortable and leave me with pain on the back and the legs, this one comes like a breath of fresh air.
  • The kayak is powered by mirage drive and glide technology pedal drive system which means that this awesome system makes peddling much easier and hands free, hence allowing you to peddle faster without any difficulty at all.
  • Another unique feature of the hobie 14 is the stability factor. You can even stand and do your regular fishing activities without the fear of getting toppled over and also not having to strap yourself every time you lean over.
  • One more excellent feature is the layout and the storage space where you do not need to carry with you anything additional like for example a crate, because there is ample storage space for everything that you need while going fishing or simply kayaking.
  • The new mirage system with turbo fins makes the journey through water much smoother than any of the other kayaks out there in the market. The legs hurt no more making the trips taken extremely pleasant.
  • The layout is excellent because everything around makes sense and the multiple options provided for the various storage spaces like storage spaces for tools and the tackle tray storage in the center hatch makes perfect sense for the perfect fishing and kayaking experience that one needs.

In one word it is the ultimate fishing vessel in the market, which is powered by humans.


The advantages are as follows.

  1. Stability– it is the most stable kayak anywhere in the market. You can stand and fish without the fear of getting toppled over.
  2. Comfort level– the vantage sitting system is a piece of art. It is totally adjustable in terms of height and sitting position, made from very light UV durable material makes it extremely comfortable to the user.
  3. Speed– the upgraded mirage drive with turbo fins gives that much needed comfort to the legs and hence speeds up the paddling without causing any discomfort or pain in your legs. It is much smoother than any of the other hobies peddle drive system. The combination of the turbo fins and the tracking of the new tracing keel gives you the much needed comfort while peddling.
  4. Layout and storage space- one of the best feature of the pro angler 14 is the abundant storage space for fishing tools and clothes and water to all one can need while going out in the water for long duration. Every part of the layout makes total sense keeping in mind the need of the kayaker. There is nothing added just for the sake of adding it.


Unlike anything in life that comes with pros and cons so does the hobie pro angler 14. However, I would like to mention to the readers of this article that the advantages of this product outdo the minor negative aspect being a firsthand user myself. It is heavy so you need to buy a trailer to carry it around or a car topping system. The equipment weighs lbs 120 so carrying it around on your own is not possible. For someone like me who likes to reach the destination and unload quickly and get into the water this becomes difficult with the pro angler 14. However, if you still consider all the other aspects and the fact that it is designed specifically for the purpose of fishing and the comfort and speed aspect of it then this is the only product out there that is worth your while.


Comparison vs Pro Angler 12 and OutBack


When you compare the pro angler 14 to the two other products from the hobie family namely hobie pro angler 12 and hobie mirage outback kayak what you notice is the sharp contrast in prices. Though the prices are cheaper but the feature that the pro angler 14 provides are much advanced in nature like the quality of seats, the hull, the updated mirage drive with turbo fins gives the product a much higher level in terms of customer satisfaction, quality, speed and durability and stability.


Price Wise


However, the slightly hefty price tag more than $3k plus an extra $ for shipping can be a burden to many. Additional costs like rod holders, electronics, trailer for carrying, fish finder and hobie live well are some of the additional costs that has to be borne by you.


How to get it 


To find the product all that one has to do is go to the Amazon and type “Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14” in the search button section and the option will open up for you to choose from along with the customer reviews about the product and the rating of the product as well. There is a factor of availability as well so as soon as you find out the benefits and it suits your budget order as fast as possible so that the stocks doesn’t run out and you are left waiting for the next available date.




If you are looking for the ultimate fishing vessel which is human powered coupled with all the extraordinary feature I have mentioned, there is no other product in the market that can stand a chance against this mean beast of a fishing vessel.

Overall, being an avid user of the product I strongly recommend the Hobie Pro Angler 14 to all the readers and avid fishing enthusiast because of the sheer beauty and outstanding feature of this beast of a product. I plan to use it for myself for a long time and so will you when you have it. Good luck.

Things to know about kayaking and canoeing

What is canoeing anyways?

A canoe is slightly different from a kayak. A canoe is an open boat in which a canoeist has to kneel in the boat and make use of a paddle that has only one-blade. The situation is a bit different in kayaking, as there, the kayakers usually sit on the kayak and use a double-bladed paddle. Kayaking is more popular among the two paddle sports. (read more Canoes and kayaks: what are the differences?

What do experts have to say about both the sports?

Let us hear from the five time world cup medallist, Campbell Walsh, who was also the part of the famous canoe team ‘GB Canoe Slalom’. He has also won a silver medal at the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Attain a grip: He strongly believes that it is vital to hold the paddle in the right position in order to get a smooth stroke. A Canoeist should raise the paddle above his/her head and ensure that the midpoint of the paddle comes on top of his/her head. He also said that the position of the hands should be in such a way that it forms a right angle at each elbow. This is going to give the right placement to the canoeist. Moreover, the shaft needs to be gripped firmly with the right hand, keeping the hand fixed during the entire venture. He/she should allow the shaft twist in his/her other hand to get into right position in order to have a left stroke.

Paddle Up: A canoeist must paddle up while putting the blade in the water. By doing this, he/she will come in a position for a long stroke. Moreover, it is important to immerse the entire blade in the water before pulling it. The body should also remain stable in an upright position when doing this. The movement of the boat should also be controlled.

Sit right: The way a canoeist sits has a lot to do with the position of the boat. The body of the canoeist should be straight and he/she should lean forward. Putting all the weight on the back could affect the smoothness of the boat as well, so try to sit in a straight position with both shoulders relaxed. It will take some time, so a canoeist must have strong core muscles to sit in this posture while pulling on the blade.

Enhance your core muscles: The strength of the canoeist’s body is important, but it is not the only important thing. Canoeists who train for canoeing are often told to work on their abdominal and back muscles as upper body muscles. The combined power of all the muscles help push the paddle. If any of these muscles is weak, then the canoeist is going to lose a significant amount of power that he/she is trying to transmit.

Push from the feet: It is the feet of the kayakers that initiates a good kayak stroke. The power from the feet will be transferred into the kayak thus letting it move in the forward direction. The movement of the same foot on the side you want to move forward in.

Stay balanced: The key to remain balance is hidden in the boat. For that, a kayaker need to try to paddle for short distances, keeping his/her eyes closed. The power delivered to both, left and right stroke should be the same. If the kayaker manages to stay balanced while doing so, then everything is well and good.

Let’s get started with the canoeing/kayaking:

With a number of ways to try these paddle sports such as, touring, marathons, slalom, recreational, paddling, sea kayaking, sprint racing and white water thrills. It is important for canoeists/kayakers to first consult the respective governing body for the sport in their respective countries. There are many regional clubs and approved centres that offer sessions for beginners. It is not necessary for a canoeist/kayaker to be a great swimmer, but they just need to be able to swim in 50 metres of water without panicking.

The gear required for the sport

In order to get started with the sport, a canoeist/kayaker doesn’t need any specialist gear. They will be provided with three things to get started such as; a boat, a paddle and a buoyancy aid. Some will provide a helmet and a spray deck as well. When it comes to safety, the importance of a buoyancy aid becomes very high, but the individual has to make sure that it doesn’t becomes uncomfortable for him/her or doesn’t limit his/her movements.
A lot is dependent on the water conditions and weather. Wearing right clothes is also quite important because the weather is going to be hot and humid, plus if the canoeing/kayaking is done in the sea, then the saline water will put all sorts of rashes on the skin.
Moreover, wearing a footwear always helps because nothing can be taken for granted in the water. Having the right type of footwear is extremely important.

The negatives

Getting injured is a common thing: Injuries in kayaking is pretty common; if the stats of University of Nevada School of Medicine are checked, then it is clearly mentioned that out of all the injuries, overuse injuries take the maximum chunk at around 25%-40%, most of which occurs on the wrist and shoulders of the kayakers.

Unpredictable environment: There is always some risk involved related to the unpredictable environment, as canoeing and kayaking are also water sports.

No exercise for lower part of the body: Where upper part of the body goes through a rigorous session of exercise and workout, the lower part hardly moves.

Tough time for your hands: The hands of canoeists and kayakers will suffer from calluses and blisters.

The positives

Enhances heart’s health: Canoeists who regularly do canoeing have 50% greater left ventricle than the normal people, which means, more blood circulation in the heart.

Boosts upper body strength: As the role of shoulders and arms are more than any other part of the body, so they are going to get stronger.

Increases mental health: Those who kayak for 3 months regularly remain more confident and can express their feelings in a better way according to a research by Leisurability Journal.

Trims body fat: Many researches show that by regular canoeing and kayaking, the body fat can be significantly reduced.
Enhances core muscle strength: For great torso swift in these sports, a person needs to have excellent core strength, which these sports provide them.

How to improve kayak paddling skills

If you are looking for a way to improve your kayaking, then this is the article you want to read. Though, I am not an expert, but I love the courses that teach how to do kayaking. In the past few years, I have learned kayaking, and I have also taught a few students.

In order to paddle a kayak, you’d require a blade. The term used for paddling is called shoveling, and it is important for kayakers to learn how to shovel. It is important to make a contact with the medium and then, transmit the forces. People should not get attracted towards the techniques in the first attempt, but they should start with the most basic one and then, move onto the other.

The blade will not just push you forward, but it is also going to help you turn sideways in the minimum space and provide support, so that the kayak doesn’t flip over or allow to Eskimo. We are not going to discuss that today, as we are more into the discussion of bringing the kayak in a straight line and that too, at a decent speed.

all about kayak paddling techniques

The first question is certainly regarding the length of the blade. We stretched our arms to the fullest and we still fell short, about 4-5 centimeters to touch the edge of the paddle blade. The next issue that we come across is the asymmetrical nature of the blade i.e. the two leaves of the blade are in the different place. I would like to give you an example, i.e., move the blade to 45 degrees then, it can be adjusted because of the detachable feature of the blade. In the fixed blade, doing this thing is certainly not possible. If we look ahead, then we’ll find that the leaves are not symmetrical. In order to know if we have taken the good shovel, we need to close the blade angle in the upward direction. Many people like to row in summer, but it is important to shovel the paddle in the right way to imply an efficient paddling. We have a shovel and all other things to start. Sometimes, the shovel gets tied to something, which could be our kayak or even our wrist. It is important to use a leash through a gum, which can be easily rolled on the paddle shaft. It is vital to bring the shovel close otherwise you are going to lose it in the rollover. Without bringing the shovel close, it can be screwed. If the shovels are tied, then their use becomes limited, thus making it inconvenient for the Eskimos, maneuvers and those who love sculling. It is better to use other parts than tying the shovel.

If you are a right-handed guy, then you should hold the blade with your right hand. With the left hand, you can easily maneuver the angle at which the blade enters in the water. You can do a small trick by putting a duct tape on the ride side of the pole because by doing so, the right hand never skids, plus you have a reference to place it. Now, you can come where we have to put the hands, as it is important for the paddling to stay balanced and hold the kayak straight. You can put arms at the right angle and in the upward direction, just like if we want to make a trident from the body. You can see it more clearly in the image, as the blades with ergonomic pole shows where you need to place your hands.

kayak paddling techniques

Now, it’s time to row. Just assume that you’ve used the left paddle blade. Your left arm will hit the paddle in the water, but make sure that the basic arm is only a toehold. The pressure will be exerted on the opposite arm. You will feel as if you’re paddling like sticking punches. You have to do well with each and every shovel, despite knowing the end, which is natural and pre-determined. When you hold the paddle tightly with the right hand, the left pane will travel more easily into the water. Then, you have to take that particular side of the rowing water and hold the right-handed side of the blade in the right hand to move more naturally in the water. Then, you have to repeat the process, but with your left hand. Rowing is a process of tantric movements, which are quite exciting.

Now, we come to a part that they don’t mention in the manuals. The following recommendations will help you do kayaking in a much better way without tearing your body apart. While advancing into the sea, the main motive is not to fall into the water. You will have to bring changes in your techniques because of the waves and the wind. The blade has to fetch water in the sea because the liquid element is not something that you can rely upon. It will be better if you could make an imaginary rectangle in which the movement of your hands never goes beyond your vision.

The rectangle that you’ll make should not go beyond 8-12 cm from the kayak’s edge. If you do it right, then the blade forms an arc in the water, which you can see in the pic as well. How the character has made an imaginary rectangle with that high paddling style. This technique is great for competitions, but not when long distances are to be covered.

how to paddle kayak techniqueNow that you are in a good position and your kayak is also moving at a great velocity. If you put the shovel slowly into the water, then the boat will be stopped. The movements of the blade should match with the design of the boat. It’ll be great to ensure that the shovel is as quiet as possible. You must have heard about the metes splash or leaf bags bad water, so these things happen when the pressure starts to release.

Kayaking is not a difficult sport if you know how to acquire the details about it. Spend a few hours of paddling without getting stressed out. Try to relax and keep control over your breaths. Also, note the flow of the water kayaking. The best time is when the shovel in the water, as that ensures support for the body. Also, you are in a better position to apply full force. You will feel like as if you are moving the kayak in the sand. Your body is going to become stronger by moving the kayak and rotating the trunk. While kayaking, you need to add all the necessary elements in the kayak. Shim, which is an important element, should be present in the kayak. It will help you get greater control over the kayak. Moreover, the kayak will be better maneuvered as well.

Finally, you need to clean the deck of the kayak to avoid the accumulation of junk and the restriction of the arm movement. There is no need to put anything in the water pole vault. That’s not going to give you any momentum. These tips are going to help you do better in kayaking. You have to understand the use of blade and the movements of your arms. Try putting the shovel after sometime to get more speed. You can use GPS to further ameliorate your kayaking technique, surfing, travelling or even walking. 

People start paddling with the European shovel, but then move onto the Greenland paddle. The latter ones have become more vogues in the world. I too am not much oblivious to that particular style, but I just feel that there is a lot of customization done in that type of paddles. To be straight and simple, Eskimo paddling technique needs to have some variations. In that, the blade’s leaves are symmetrical which does not force you to twist your wrist. You need to slide a bit forward the shovel to insert it in the water. If you are not able to do so, then you will hear a vibratory sound. So, do it in the right way in order to avoid any trouble later on.