Lifetime Tamarack Angler Kayak Review

Kayaking as an activity has spread and is no longer restricted to just the retired folks and elderly women. With the passage of time it has gained popularity even amongst the younger generation who likes adventure, outdoors and fishing, I being one of them. I purchased my lifetime tamarack angler kayak a year ago and the experience on it has been enriching. Since the time that I have purchased it, I have taken it to the lake and ocean as well and the sailing has been real smooth. It is a sit on top kayak with a very comfortable backrest, so it’s very easy on your back on those long sailing trips.

Feature of Lifetime Tamarack Angler Kayak 

I am kayaking for a long time now, close to eight long years I would say. My friend Jude recommended me to the lifetime tamarack 120 kayak and I must honestly confess that it has outlived my expectation. The reason I say this with authority, being a first time user myself is

  • The stability is amazing, could even stand in it on the water without any fear whatsoever, since it was my first experience on a kayak.
  • The legroom is spacious, I am 6 feet tall, and so that was one of the prime concern for me.
  • The storage area is spacious.
  • Its light weight, only 50lbs, so carrying it and putting it on top of my SUV was really easy and comfortable.
  • The seats are adjustable to my liking. It can be pushed back or front according to my requirement.
  • The quality of the material used is of UV protected polyethylene of high density which gives it the stability that it requires.
  • Length, height and width are appropriate and well suited for this sort of sit on top kayak.
  • It has a 6 inches rear compartment that makes for a great paddling and kayaking experience for me.

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The lifetime tamarack angler kayak is mainly for people who are first time users, created by lifetime, it’s a masterpiece I must say. The price and the features it has is easily the best in its category.

Lifetime, the manufacturer did not try and compromise on the safety and the quality of the product in any way considering the price that the product is on offer. That only goes to show that they were committed to make the product worth your while.

Is it Worth Your While?

Of course it is. This lifetime kayak was created to give you an amazing experience, whether in the nearby lakes or ocean when you go on your fishing trips or adventure or expeditions. I am using this for a year now and am thoroughly satisfied, be it with the stability or the seats, the paddles, it is really awesome. When I bought the lifetime angler from Amazon I first researched about the various kayaks on offer I found great customer reviews of the product, most of them being expert users really, just like me. They had great things to say about the lifetime angler, be it with the price, the stability, the quality of the material used, the seats being very comfortable and adjustable, and to top it all the 5 year of company warranty associated with it. The choice of colors are amazing too I felt. I bought myself a red one, that being my favorite color.

A few tips to get started.

For the benefit of the buyers there are certain things that I would like to share with you that might be new to you. Since I am using the lifetime tamarack for some time now I wish to let you know that stability usually means that you get less speed on the water, however you will be in for a surprise because when I tested the kayak on water with a friend of mine who has motorized boat I must confess that the distance was not much with which he beat me but to my surprise I was able to catch up to him. It’s a sit on top kayak designed mainly for single user with a light weight of only 50lbs, so you will be surprised how easy it is to carry the kayak to and from the water unto your SUV, it’s hardly difficult considering the other kayaks which has to either tied or fixed on the roof rack system of your car.


The advantage of having the lifetime angler are manifold. For starters

  • The stability is amazing. I once even stood on the kayak not knowing if I would topple over and to my surprise I didn’t.
  • The seats are adjustable according to your liking, especially for those long fishing trips. My back don’t hurt at all.
  • There is plenty of space available for you, lot of extras given. The storage area is spacious.
  • The carry handle of the lifetime kayak is real easy. It has a front and rear handles for an easy ride.
  • The footrest area is comfortable. It has different footrest positions for different size riders.
  • Comfort pad for front and rear shock.
  • T shaped handles for easy access and use.


Well, wouldn’t call them disadvantage but: The lifetime tamarack sit on top kayak is meant generally for a single person. As compared to other top end kayaks, the features are obviously limited, like for example it does not have the glide technology. It light weight at 50lbs, so the stability is good, but you have to compromise on the speed. The seats are adjustable according to your convenience and comfort level.

Where to buy it?

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Folks, the word kayaking starts with lifetime tamarack angler kayak and ends with it. It is an experience in itself. No one can beat the spark that a person realizes after using it. Yes you are right, you do not need to think twice even, go grab it.