Kayaking With Kids

Are you planning to do kayaking with your kids? Well, that’s a great way to understand the personality of your kids, plus they also get to know about you during this drenching and exhausting outing. Kayaking as well know is a tough sport that brings all body parts into the motion. Kayaking with your kids is a wonderful way to foster the love for the Mother Nature, and it will also help develop their hand-eye coordination. If you are living in the US, then there are many places in each State, where you can think of doing kayaking, but since you are going out with your kids, then it is better to choose a place where your kids can remain safe.

The place should not be crowded with the boats and the water should also not be that rough. If you are going out for the first time with your kids, then you may choose a lake because the water is calm in the lakes. When your kids are acclimatized with the sport, then you can opt for rougher water spots. In this article we are going to discuss a few important things that you as a parent should keep in your mind before taking your kids out for kayaking. Things like, where to go for kayaking, what to bring along on the trip and what type of kayaks you should use.


What to bring when going out for kayaking?

Let us start by taking the name of the most important thing, i.e., ‘a kayak’. Most parents nowadays, prefer to go with an inflatable kayak because they are easy to store in the trunk of the car. They can be easily inflated at the spot and then, you can enjoy kayaking with your little ones. Besides, the inflatable kayak, you need a paddle for all the people whom you have brought with you on the trip. If you have two children, then you need to have three paddles, one for yourself and two for your kids. You can buy paddles for kids, which are about 200 centimetres long and come with a narrow shaft. Your kids won’t find any difficulty to control these paddles.

Moreover, there are a plenty of personal floatation devices (PFDs) available in the market, which are also pivotal to carry along when doing for a sport like kayaking. If you are playing the sport in the US, then you have to select the models that are approved by the US Coast guard. The PFDs are available for the infants, teens and adults, so you can get the right ones according to your requirements. If you have brought a baby on the trip, then there is nothing to worry, as you can get a PFD for him/her. But make sure that you should try it out on the baby because if he/she refuses to wear it, then you are the one that’ll be in a problem.

Food, first aid kit and more

While the above paragraph was about the most basic requirements, but there are some things that you must carry in order like food, first aid kit, clothes, camera, books and fishing pole. I mean you can’t just do kayaking all the day, so these things will help in entertaining you and your kids on your super-amazing trip. These are my choice of things, so if you have your own specific things that you want to take along on the trip, then you can do so.

Choose the best spot

It is important to choose an area where there is no scarcity of the natural scenic beauty. This will help your kids engage in the sport. In order to do so, you have to search beforehand, and you can take the help of various resources, both offline and online. Apart from choosing the best spot, you have to pay attention towards the length of the trip as well. This is due to the fact that your kids don’t have as much stamina as you have, so if you plan on kayaking for about 6-7 miles, then they may not be able to paddle for that much distance. You have to keep in mind the physical limitations of your kids before finalizing the spot.

Find out if your kids can paddle or not?

Every child has his/her own strengths and weaknesses. You have to see if your child has the skills to paddle in kayaking or not. If your kids are doing kayaking for the first time, then you should better get them inflatable kayaks or a small kayak. There are many different types of kayaks available in the market, depending upon the build and experience of the child, so you can choose accordingly. Moreover, you should plan for the trip by taking the views and the opinions of your kids. Indulge them into the planning process, so that they learn how to make decisions in the family.

Additional Tips for you when kayaking with kids

  1. You should praise your kids’ efforts while kayaking and don’t be harsh if they do anything wrong, until the issue is regarding the safety of all the kayakers.
  2. Tell your kids beforehand that they should not stand or lean in the kayak.
  3. Tell your kids to stay close to the adults, so that they don’t get separated.
  4. Don’t rush from one activity to another, and take enough breaks to enjoy the beautiful scenery with your kids.