How to choose the best fishing rod

Fishing is an ancient way of hunting sea animals. The methods and techniques of fishing have undergone a series of changes. Now, fishing has become a lot more exciting and successful. There is a major role of the fishing rod in the increased success rate of the fishermen. If you are fond of fishing and want to give it a try, then the first thing that you have to get is a fishing rod. The market is flooded with a range of fishing rods and reels, so you can’t just go and choose any random rod and reel. Do a proper research, gather as much info as you can and then, purchase the right rod and the reel. This article is intended to assist all the beginners who are looking to go fishing for the first time. An unbiased information is what the beginners need in the first place and that’s exactly what we are going to give them.

Fishing poles and fishing rods: what’s the difference?


This is one point where most people get confused. People living in the US call fishing pole because they think it as a collective name for all the things where they can attach a reel to. People living in the Europe and the UK use fishing rods. They think the fishing poles as a different entity, which is longer than the fishing rod. The fishing pole used in the Europe and the UK doesn’t have a reel attached to it. The definition, design and purpose of the fishing rods/fishing poles is different in the US and the Europe & the UK. If you want to buy a gear that does the task itself, then you should ask for a fishing rod.

The price of the fishing rod

You can find both cheap and expensive fishing rods on the market. The thing that matters is the research that you do before making a purchase. The best way to go about the selection of the right fishing rod is to narrow down the options in terms of brands. Once you have chosen the brand you want to go with, things will get a lot easier for you. Check out the design, material used and the finish of the rod because you will drown them into the water for hours, so they need to work efficiently. As you are a beginner, I would suggest that you go for a mid-range versions of the fishing rod and see how it works out for you.

Determine your fishing style

All fishing rods are not the same, so you need to determine the style of fishing that you want to do. It includes the fish species and the method of fishing. If you live in the US, then you will find that the fishing styles are different in every state. This is due to the diverse climatic conditions, flora and fauna. If you are about to go to fishing for the first time, then you should opt for the beginners’ style of fishing.

The power of your fishing rod

As I’ve mentioned above, all fishing rods are not the same, so you need to check the length, design, weight and power of the fishing rod before making the decision. The power of a fishing rod is an imaginary term that can’t be calculated with any formula. Every manufacturer has its own way of calculating the fishing rod’s power. The test curve method is widely used and in this method, it is noticed that how much weight is needed to bend the tip of the rod to ninety degrees. If the test curve is higher, then it means that the rod is powerful. You can go through the booklet that is given along with the fishing rod. It is important to choose the right fishing rod according to the type of fish you want to catch. If the rod is small and the fish is heavy, then you won’t be able to catch it and vice-versa.

Fishing rod action

This is another important aspect that you have to keep in your mind. There are generally three types of fishing rod action, which are; slow, medium and fast. The slow action would be a bit gentle and humanly, but the fast one is prompt and brutal. So, if you are just starting your fishing adventure, then you should perhaps go with slow fishing rod action because you may snap after seeing a fish dying in front of you. Rest is up to you, if you want a bit of a professionalism while fishing, then you can opt for the fast fishing rod action. But then, you must be able to act accordingly because things get changed pretty quickly in that scenario.

Check the rod handles

While most of the manufacturers pay extra attention towards the fishing rod handles, but people often complain about the scratches and bruises that appear on their hands while catching a fish. The fishing handles are made from cork or the foam. The type of fishing handle depends a lot on your fishing style and the design and preferences of the maker. If you have chosen a cheap fishing rod, then you will get the fishing handle that is made from foam. For expensive fishing rods, manufacturers use cork grips. When the fishing is not done in the proper way, then it doesn’t matter if the rod handle is made from the cork or foam, it will break. The main motive of the fishing rod handle is to provide the angler with a necessary grip that will help him/her catch the fish in a better way. So, if the fishing rod handle is not efficient enough, then there’s going to be a lot of missed chances.

Reel seats

A fishing rod is not ready for fishing until you attach a reel to it. There is a reel seat given in all the fishing rods. There is a compartment where you can insert the reel leg. Once that is done, you can move the threaded ring around the fishing rod in order to position the reel in the right place. To remove the reel, you need to unscrew the ring. With this, the reel leg will be exposed and then, you can take out the reel. Every fishing rod comes with guides that are placed along the length of the fishing rod. You can attach your thread starting from the guide closest to the reel leg. Just make sure that you pass the thread from each and every guide for the maximum performance. Once you have done this, you can then, connect the hooks and the bait.

Fishing is a thrilling activity, but you need to have a reliable and efficient fishing rod to turn it into a big success. The main purpose of this guide is to help the beginners with their quest to buy a fishing rod. I have tried to cover all the aspects, but in case, there is anything left out, then just browse the internet. You will be able to get all the information on the web. Take your time and do a proper research before taking the money out of your pocket.