Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14 Fishing Kayak Review

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  • Hobie Pro Angler 14
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  • Published on: June 18, 2016
  • Last modified: June 19, 2016
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Review Summary:

The Hobie Pro Angler 14 is the perfect fishing kayak. It has an easy to reach cutting board, specific hull offers great stability, adjustable seat, and offers an extremely smooth ride. This is the perfect fishing boat for all fishing environments. The fish won’t know what hit them!

I think that the Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14  kayak has come as a blessing to all the people around the world who loves kayaking. Growing up in Florida, I have always been interested in fishing with my kayaks that I had before. However, when I bought my Hobie Pro Angler 14 in the month of June 2015 since then the experience of kayaking has changed for me completely because now I can paddle for long hours, thanks to mirage drive and glide system which makes it easier for you to use since it frees your hands and makes kayaking a whole lot of fun.

My Own Experience about Hobie Pro Angler 14


I have used the pro angler 14 in the Florida Keys, Key West, Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico about 7 to 8 times and I must admit that the experience has been amazing.

The reason I say this is because:

  • It not only is it easy on the water but also its very stable and you can use it on the long stretches without any fear of mishap
  • If you wish then you can even stand up on it and not worry of tipping over since its very sturdy.
  • The best part about hobie pro angler 14 is that it can be called a boat because of its built for one thing specifically, that’s fishing. Even the company does not mention the product in its kayak category because of its size and weight factor. The hobie was designed especially for the purpose of fishing. I basically bought the hobie 14 as my sole purpose was to go fishing with it, and that’s one of the best decisions I have ever made, though the kayak is a bit on the heavier size in terms of size and a bit steep in terms of its pricing.


Features of Hobie Pro Angler 14 Fishing Kayak


The Hobie Pro Angler 14 is designed to keep the utmost comfort for the people who loves going fishing because of the vantage sitting system. I have never experienced any body pain even after paddling for long hours, for example up to 6 to 7 hours at a stretch at about 4 knots without any difficulty.

  • The seats are adjustable according to your comfort level and for maximum support for long periods on the water.
  • The new Pro Angler 14 is using the innovative mirage drive and glide technology so it gives you the hands free experience and helps to paddle faster as well which makes kayaking even more fun experience.
  • One look at the Hobie Pro Angler 14 and you would know that it is customized for fishing activities. It has storage everywhere and you can bring your fish on the storage itself without bothering to carry any extra cases with you. It has fishing road storage, an awesome tackle storage and ready installation for additions like fish finder. I stand when I fish without any difficulty.
  • The amazing thing about it is its speed and stability both on the fresh and salt water. I have also got a sail along with it, so when there is a low wind it helps to sail smoothly.
  • Fixing a headlamp has also increased the pleasure for night fishing. It’s like every fisherman’s fantasy come true.
  • In the this fishing kayak you can have 4 rods horizontally and 2 rods vertically in the rod holders and it is a vessel customized to get you fish and it is a virtual heaven for a kayaker who only wants to fish. Since it’s a hundred times more stable than a normal kayak, so you can do your normal fishing activities standing up without the fear of tripping over as well.

However, the plus points of the product outweighs the minor details such as this. Fishing and kayaking through the water and maintaining perfect stability and speed irrespective of the fact that the water is a bit on the rough side or calm, salt water or clear has never been more enjoyable and fulfilling.


The Benefits of this Pro Angler 14


  • One of the most outstanding features of the hobie 14 is the vantage sitting system. You can adjust the height and the sit as per your requirement. Unlike other kayaks which I have tried on several occasions where the seats were hard and would make me real uncomfortable and leave me with pain on the back and the legs, this one comes like a breath of fresh air.
  • The kayak is powered by mirage drive and glide technology pedal drive system which means that this awesome system makes peddling much easier and hands free, hence allowing you to peddle faster without any difficulty at all.
  • Another unique feature of the hobie 14 is the stability factor. You can even stand and do your regular fishing activities without the fear of getting toppled over and also not having to strap yourself every time you lean over.
  • One more excellent feature is the layout and the storage space where you do not need to carry with you anything additional like for example a crate, because there is ample storage space for everything that you need while going fishing or simply kayaking.
  • The new mirage system with turbo fins makes the journey through water much smoother than any of the other kayaks out there in the market. The legs hurt no more making the trips taken extremely pleasant.
  • The layout is excellent because everything around makes sense and the multiple options provided for the various storage spaces like storage spaces for tools and the tackle tray storage in the center hatch makes perfect sense for the perfect fishing and kayaking experience that one needs.

In one word it is the ultimate fishing vessel in the market, which is powered by humans.


The advantages are as follows.

  1. Stability– it is the most stable kayak anywhere in the market. You can stand and fish without the fear of getting toppled over.
  2. Comfort level– the vantage sitting system is a piece of art. It is totally adjustable in terms of height and sitting position, made from very light UV durable material makes it extremely comfortable to the user.
  3. Speed– the upgraded mirage drive with turbo fins gives that much needed comfort to the legs and hence speeds up the paddling without causing any discomfort or pain in your legs. It is much smoother than any of the other hobies peddle drive system. The combination of the turbo fins and the tracking of the new tracing keel gives you the much needed comfort while peddling.
  4. Layout and storage space- one of the best feature of the pro angler 14 is the abundant storage space for fishing tools and clothes and water to all one can need while going out in the water for long duration. Every part of the layout makes total sense keeping in mind the need of the kayaker. There is nothing added just for the sake of adding it.


Unlike anything in life that comes with pros and cons so does the hobie pro angler 14. However, I would like to mention to the readers of this article that the advantages of this product outdo the minor negative aspect being a firsthand user myself. It is heavy so you need to buy a trailer to carry it around or a car topping system. The equipment weighs lbs 120 so carrying it around on your own is not possible. For someone like me who likes to reach the destination and unload quickly and get into the water this becomes difficult with the pro angler 14. However, if you still consider all the other aspects and the fact that it is designed specifically for the purpose of fishing and the comfort and speed aspect of it then this is the only product out there that is worth your while.


Comparison vs Pro Angler 12 and OutBack


When you compare the pro angler 14 to the two other products from the hobie family namely hobie pro angler 12 and hobie mirage outback kayak what you notice is the sharp contrast in prices. Though the prices are cheaper but the feature that the pro angler 14 provides are much advanced in nature like the quality of seats, the hull, the updated mirage drive with turbo fins gives the product a much higher level in terms of customer satisfaction, quality, speed and durability and stability.


Price Wise


However, the slightly hefty price tag more than $3k plus an extra $ for shipping can be a burden to many. Additional costs like rod holders, electronics, trailer for carrying, fish finder and hobie live well are some of the additional costs that has to be borne by you.


How to get it 


To find the product all that one has to do is go to the Amazon and type “Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14” in the search button section and the option will open up for you to choose from along with the customer reviews about the product and the rating of the product as well. There is a factor of availability as well so as soon as you find out the benefits and it suits your budget order as fast as possible so that the stocks doesn’t run out and you are left waiting for the next available date.




If you are looking for the ultimate fishing vessel which is human powered coupled with all the extraordinary feature I have mentioned, there is no other product in the market that can stand a chance against this mean beast of a fishing vessel.

Overall, being an avid user of the product I strongly recommend the Hobie Pro Angler 14 to all the readers and avid fishing enthusiast because of the sheer beauty and outstanding feature of this beast of a product. I plan to use it for myself for a long time and so will you when you have it. Good luck.