Fishing Tips Every Angler Should Know

For many people, fishing is an activity to have fun in the sun and catch some great species of fish in the lake or the sea, and for some, fishing is the way to earn a livelihood. In general, fishing is about catching fish by taking a help of the fishing nets or the fishing rods. Fishing is an old technique of getting hold of the delicious and nutritious seafood. Today, when we talk about fishing, we get into all sorts of technicalities and sideline the general aspects that are involved with this amazing activity. Fishing is an act of patience and if you think you know how to sit still and wait for hours and hours until something gets trapped in your fishing rod’s hook, then you can consider yourself good at fishing. The key to fishing lies in the brain of the fisherman and not in the tool he/she uses.


This is one of those activities where you have to trust your intuition and instincts. A fish can differentiate between colors, but not like the human beings. Moreover, the size of the bait needs to be selected in the right way because some species of fish don’t easily lure by seeing the bigger size of the bait. A fish don’t spend 15 minutes to decide whether I should eat that thing or not. The decision is taken within seconds, sometimes, even split second. Fishing at times can prove to be a ‘hit and try method’ because you need to find out the right spot, the right time and the right size and color of the bait. In this article, we’ll be discussing the ten essential tips that every angler should know. Here they are:

Accumulate all the essential stuff:

There are certain tools and equipment that you can’t afford to miss while going on a fishing trip. You need to buy sinkers, hoots, baits and all other things that are necessary for fishing. I would suggest that you should buy it a day before because if you plan on leaving for fishing in the early hours of the day, then you may not be able to buy the products. The shops don’t open that early. Arrange your tackle box in the proper way, so that you don’t find any issue while fishing.

Choosing the right time for fishing:

Every species of fish has their own time of preying in the water, so you must know the right time of the fish that you want to catch. Solar and lunar tables also affect the feeding period of the fish, so you have to do a bit of the research before going out for fishing.

Dress according to the weather:

You must wear the appropriate clothes according to the weather in order to stay comfortable for the entire day of fishing. If it is the winter season, then you must 2-3 light clothes instead of wearing heavy woollens. If the climate is hot and humid, then wear light colored clothes along with a hat. Fishing is always done in the open, so if you don’t have the right clothes, you may harm your body. Avoid fishing when the weather is extreme (cold or hot).

Keep the hooks pointed:

The reason why people are not able to catch a good amount of fish is because of the tapered hooks that they use. You have to make sure that the hooks you are using are sharp and efficient to hold a fish until you put it in the basket. You can use your fingernail to check whether the hook is sharp or not. If the hook sticks in your fingernail, then it’s sharp, if not, then use a better hook.

Properly rig your bait:

If you want to be successful in fishing, then you have to take care of little things that most fishing enthusiasts often skip. Rigging the bait is one such thing that you have to keep in mind before going out for fishing. You must also know that the still water rigs can’t be used in the fast waters. There are many websites that inform people about the proper ways of rigging a bait.

Use the right storage equipment:

When you catch a fish, you have two options to store it. You can either use stringers or a fish basket. I would not recommend stringers because they interfere with the gills of the fish, causing problem in breathing. Catching a fish doesn’t mean that you have to leave the fish for unnecessary suffering. Stringers also allow other animals to attack the fish, so don’t use them. Fish baskets are the better option because the fish will stay alive until you take them home and finally cook them.

Get the right gear:

One of the vital aspects for successful fishing is having the right gear. If your fishing rod is lightweight and you are trying to catch a heavy fish with it, then you are most likely to leave the field disappointed. Even if you are able to catch the fish with a lightweight rod, it will cause a lot of pain and suffering to the fish, which is certainly not a good sight to watch. On the contrary, if you have an extra-large gear, even then, you will go home empty-handed.

Take proper care of your equipment:

If you have spent a lot of money buying the fishing equipment, then you have to take good care of them. After coming home from fishing, you must clean the fishing equipment with fresh water, leave them to dry and then, oil them to ensure that they remain in a working condition. You can take the help of various websites in order to know how to keep fishing gears and equipment in a mint condition. If any equipment has malfunctioned or broken, then you must get the new one instead of using the same old piece.

Always carry first aid kit:

You have a plenty of sharp and pointed objects in your bag to cut the fish and animals that you hunt, but catastrophic events can occur any time, so you must also have a first aid kit. If there is any cut on your body, then it may get septic quickly before you even know. So, a first aid kit will protect you from getting any infection or a serious damage.

Take a close look at the surroundings:

Fishing is an exciting activity, but it is not just you who is hungry or likes fish. There are a plenty of other animals hunting for food, so you have to be careful of the snakes, crocodiles and other dangerous animals, which have the ability to cause serious damage to you. If you see any weird moment behind the bush or in the water, just be alert and pick a sharp tool. There is no fun in jeopardizing safety for fun.

So, these were the ten essential tips that I wanted to share with all the fishing lovers. I hope you have got a plenty of new information regarding the prerequisites for fishing. Always prepare in the right way before going into the wilderness because a number of unexpected things awaits you there. I wish you happy fishing!