Essential gear for kayak fishing

Surely you can get good parts with minimal supplies. But if you plan to go fishing all day, there are some things that are often forgotten at home and possibly help you make your journey even easier and enjoyable without having to be loaded with a long list of items that the end you will not use. Here I show you 10 essential things that you need to carry when go fishing:

1. Comfortable clothing:

To go fishing, comfortable clothing is the best choice. If winter is useful to take a vest, where we can keep our utensils and so have them at hand. In summer, it is advisable to wear a hat and do not forget to take the sunscreen if you want scorch.


essential thing to carry when go fishing2. First aid kit:

Most importantly, be fitted with appropriate kit to potential risks of fishing cuts, trauma or insertion of sharp objects or sharp as hooks. You need to pay special attention to the risk of infection from cuts with the fish itself. In the kit we carry: sterile gauze pads, povidone-iodine (Betadine), elastic bandage, tape, disposable gloves, …

3. Polarized sunglasses:

Especially in very clear days, because prolonged exposure to sunlight can damage our retina. In addition, they will help you see better everything that moves under water and can prevent us from hurting your eyes, for example, with the branches of the trees found in the fishing places with insects that can beat us when we travel in a vessel at high speed, or receiving a fish hook. We must consider sunglasses as a security article.


4. Head torch:

Perfect for night fishermen.

5. Insect Repellent:

Do not let mosquitoes or any other bugs embitter your fishing day!

6. Multifunction Tool:

At any time we need to draw on this tool: for removing hooks of our parts, or why not? To cut our sandwich!


7. Water and food:

We can not forget to rehydrate without waiting to be thirsty and bring some food for when we start to enter the bug.

8. Mobile:

With the power to ask for help in an emergency. And if everything goes smoothly, we can photograph him / immortalize our catches and then show them to our friends.

9. Fishing Equipment:

Rod, reel, fishing line, other accessories and spare parts. Where we go without them?

10. GPS-map:

If our sense of direction plays a trick on us. Do not let us ruin our day!

These are my 10 “essential”. What would you include?