Best Places To Kayak In The US

The temperature continues to rise here in the US, which also means that water sports lovers are itching to go out and get into the water. I put myself into that category, as I too am a water sports lover and I want to have some fun in the sun. I have also put on some weight lately, so I want to get rid of it as well. I know a sport that can fulfil all my requirements. This sport is called kayaking and it is extremely popular here in the United States.

Kayaking is a sport for those who want to feel that adrenaline rush when their kayaks hit the water waves at some speed. I really like paddling my kayak in the water and muscle my way into the right direction. If you are looking for a place for kayaking in the wonderful country called the United States, then here are the top ten places for the kayaking enthusiasts to enjoy the chills and thrills of kayaking.

Cumberland Island, Georgia


This is regarded as the number one kayaking destination in the south-east part of the country. It is one of the biggest undeveloped barrier islands, not just in the US, but the entire world. It is also famous for its wilderness and vibrant species of animals. Kayakers can paddle across the Island and get to remote areas for fun and adventure. Kayakers will see beautiful sea life consisting of turtles, dolphins and more. The water is rough, so kayakers should carry all the vital accessories with them.

Cache La Paudre River, Colorado


This river has a lot to offer to the newcomers and professional kayakers. People will see different sections ranging from class II to V. These sections are based upon the difficulty level of the water. There is even a class VI that consists of a waterfall and is only accessible to highly experienced kayakers.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan

This is a place that is full of scenic beauty. Kayakers can ride their kayaks and watch beautiful sandstone cliffs that are up to 200 feet high. This is a paradise for kayakers, as they get 40 mile shoreline. Moreover, this lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the US, so spending time here would be an unforgettable experience.

New River, Ohio

When it comes to the oldest rivers in the US, New River takes the top spot. The name of the river is opposite to its age, but when it comes to fun and excitement, this is one of the most popular destinations for the kayaks. The river is surrounded by dense forests, which adds to the excitement of the kayaks.

Bois Brule, Wisconsin


Bois Brule is a French word that means burnt wood. This river is known for astonishing boathouses and preserved cabins. This place is perfect for those who are new to the kayaking, as the water is not that rough. Moreover, the kayakers are going to enjoy the scenic beauty and calmness that this place has in the offering. If you haven’t tried kayaking yet, then you should pack your bag and go to Wisconsin.

Moose River, New York

People living in the borders of the US and Canada should go and trying kayaking in Moose River. This river has different classes of rapids, so if you want to experience something extreme, then this is the place for you. Newcomers can also have a great time kayaking in this river. Apart from kayaking, people can also try different water sports.

The Ozarks, Arkansas and Missouri

This river flows through the southern part of the Missouri and get into the state of Arkansas. There is a lot of raw beauty to see for the kayakers, thus making it a paradise for kayakers and other water sports lovers. If you are a lazy person who just want to kayak in an easy-flowing streams and creeks, then this is a great place for you. The temperature also remains pretty good for adventure sports, which adds to the excitement of the people.

Potomac River, Washington DC to West Virginia

This is the fourth largest river that flows on the Atlantic coast of the country. The river flows through Washington DC to West Virginia, and in between, it crosses Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. The river is one of the most popular rivers when it comes to play water sports. The river ranges from Class II to Class V and more, which are ideal for all types of kayakers.

The Everglades, Florida

This is a place that consists of thousands of tiny islands that are covered with lush green forests, mangroves and a rich wildlife. If you are an adventurous kayaker, then you are going to like this place. It doesn’t matter if it is summer season or winter, the Everglades in Florida remains an ideal place for the adventure loving people.

Forks of the Kern River, California

This river is located near Mount Whitney and if kayakers need to reach this river, then they have to hike approximately 3 miles with their equipment. Everything is good about the river, except it has got a dangerous ten-foot waterfall, which can cause injuries to the kayakers if they fall in the wrong way. But, there are less chances of any accidents, as the authorities have taken care of each and everything.


So, these are the most popular places for kayakers to try out kayaking. Thousands of kayakers come and have a great time at these ultimate kayaking spots. You can check out more about these places on the web or in the books.