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Planning To Buy Best Inflatable Kayak: Accurate Guide and Inflatable Kayak Reviews For 2019
Which is best inflatable kayak 2017 you should choose? A common question arises when you need to buy an inflatable kayak and with all the adventure lovers like you, will agree that to have a fun-filled adventure sport, the gear must be robust, handy and fully-controlled. But, getting an excellent sports gear is easier said than done. And if you are into an elite hobby like kayaking, then you have to do some serious research, before you take your pick. With so many models, styles, price ranges, performance pointers, you may feel jitters while selecting a kayak, which goes with you for a long time and also gives the most memorable expeditions, on white waters.

So for all of you, who are planning to make your dream of kayaking a reality, here is the guide to assist you, in choosing a perfect inflatable kayak, by giving you the top-rated inflatable kayak reviews 2017 of some of the most appreciated kayaks. You already know what you need, just rate the kayaks you have short listed, on the features we are discussing here, before you loosen your purse strings.

Just to give you a glimpse of some of the most loved and purchased kayaks, here is a list summarizing their comparative features.

My Pick Top 10 Best Inflatable Kayak 2017

The best guideline is, to get a kayak which is frequently purchased, have outstanding features, is economically priced, portable and needs minimum maintenance. So looking at some of the most cherished inflatable kayaks below, based on my reviews and feedbacks of kayak buyers, I hope you can find it for yourself.

Best Inflatable Kayak Reviews 2017 and Comparison

1. Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak

Most of the people who have used the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, have highly recommended this product due to quick inflation and deflation capability and the durability coming with heavy vinyl material that stays as good as new, for a long time. This sports gear is very handy and convenient to be carried in a carrying bag supplied with it.

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak’s other advantages are endorsed by the buyers are like Removable skeg, aluminum paddles, two adjustable seats with backs for the comfortable ride, repair kit to handle any urgent repairs and easily manageable dual action air pump to inflate it anywhere, anytime.

This product is also highly appreciated for the reliable and comfortable seat that are attached to the floor with sturdy Velcro strips of varying size at two locations, giving a very convenient adjustment of the seats according to your sitting habits and physique.

In a  feedback, an Amazon Buyer has testified that Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is better than other kayaks of this category since this one displayed extremely manageable performance in rivers with some challenging rapids.

So, with such encouraging feedbacks and reviews from genuine users, on Amazon, gives you all the reasons for purchasing this kayak set and enjoying your adventurous explorations in splashing rivers with attractive price, making is an extremely reasonable deal.  It is also quite favorable that out of 216 Amazon buyers of this product 52% of them has given a 5-star rating making it a very friendly product.

2. Sea Eagle SE370K_P Inflatable Kayak with Pro Package

Sea Eagle SE370K_P Inflatable Kayak with Pro Package

Entering into a competition with other paddlers, on your Sea Eagle SE370K_P! Relax, you will never lose any race. This kayak is highly efficient for any kind of water surface whether a calm and flat lake or an effervescent river. Its weight, when deflated, is so less that you can keep it in your vehicle all times and set it up in less than 10 minutes to give you a spacious kayak that can comfortably carry people and other gear, up to a total weight of 650 pounds. Its small compact dimensions, give it a high degree of portability to be handled individually and to set it up by inflating with the help of accompanying air pump, to carry two of your friends and other camping gear.

Now, coming to its durability, guaranteed with the tough PolyKrylar material used in its construction, making it so strong that you can happily bring your pet along. This kayak can withstand its sharp claws and scratches. If you have a variety of plans for your family members, then this kayak can play role of a fishing boat, yacht inclining, or low diving boat. this kayak can work equally well for one paddler or a team of two

The additional support to the kayak is provided by an I-beam construction, and the lashed down inflatable spray skirts. To make more room in this kayak, all you need to do is detach front or rear detachable seats. To give you an extra grip and control over it, the kayak offers rope handles and a self-bailing drain valve.   The pressure valves are effective enough, for fully inflated boat and are capable of enduring any kind of water surface, proving their worth, during every minute of your expedition.

Steering this kayak through waters is an amazingly precise task, since all you have to do is track the boat by its two molded skegs. The most important feature that enhances its reliability and durability, is its high-frequency welded seams. This kayak is NMMA@ certified so its safety and trustworthiness is undoubted. This is an amazing inflatable boat, which has all the capabilities to fulfill your long pending dream of exciting excursions in water.

3. Coleman Colorado(TM) 2-Person Fishing Kayak

Coleman Colorado(TM) 2-Person Fishing Kayak

When it comes to water sports like fishing, you just can’t sit along the shore and wait for your catch, you have to go in deep waters.  And if you have an inflatable boat, then you may end up your day with a lot of catches to show off. So here is the Coleman Colorado(TM) 2-Person Fishing Kayak, to enjoy your favorite pastime with your best buddy or your son. This kayak is quite good for still waters of a lake, made up of 18-gauage PVC material, it has all the needed strength for such an adventure. Its strong 1000D tarpaulin bottom and 840D nylon cover are quite dependable, if you are concerned about punctures and pricks.  Mesh storage pockets provided in this kayak, can carry all the fishing gear and other necessary supplies with you, to be quickly accessible.

It is very reliable since it has a unique Airtight® System with multiple air chambers, so that you remain above water, even if one of the chambers is damaged after a nasty prick or unguarded puncture. This kayak is determined to give you an outstanding fishing getaway. The Berkley® Quick Set Rod Holders can take care of the rods by holding them in position, while you enjoy a quick sandwich, in the middle of a picturesque lake. The Sevylor® trolling motor fittings will surely give another leap to your fishing expertise. The paddle holders are placed in such a way that, you will not be obstructed, as they are secured safely in the paddle holders. A secure and sturdy valve makes the process of inflation and deflation, very easy and less time consuming.

Other features like D-Rings for attaching other tools, comfortably adjustable seats, carry handles for easy portability, NMMA® certification and a 1 year warranty for such a dependable boat will leave you with no option, but to buy it and recommend it to your friends.

4. Advanced Elements AE1012-R Inflatable Kayak

Advanced Elements AE1012-R AdvancedFrame Inflatable Kayak

Another gem in the category of inflatable kayaks, the AE1012-R AdvancedFrame Advanced Elements, is a sturdy kayak due to its distinct structural frame. It has a built-in Aluminum frame that gives a definite shape to the bow and stern and offers a controlled gliding experience in all kind of waters. Strength of its body can be easily estimated by the fact that it is made up of three layers of puncture-proof material, which is not only durable but also lightweight to carry.

This is a boat with a factory pre-assembled structure, easy to fold and unfold, just take out your foot air-pump and inflate a comfortable kayak and strap on the detachable seat, which again is inflatable. The kayak can be paddled, even without the seat, to create bigger space, to carry other stuff and gear for your on water party. You can use this kayak for fishing. If you prefer to use the seat, it will be a great ride since it is easily adjustable to match your physique and you will feel refreshed even after hours of paddling.

This kayak is a tough competition to the hard-shelled kayaks, since its appeal, portability with the inflatable body and the rigidity with a hard floor  can beat any other kayak of this price range. The bottom beam is invisible under the floor mat and gives a curved shape to the kayak, so its tracking speed improves to a great extent and thus reducing paddling efforts of the paddler.

A competent paddler like you will always be looking for performance oriented features in a kayak. This kayak is extremely controllable due to the stern that acts like a skeg. Another measure of performance is the time needed to set it up, so here again you will appreciate, a few minutes that it takes to be inflated, for that glorious ride you wanted to enjoy. Deflating the kayak is as easy as inflation, just pull the valve and there you are with a packed kayak, ready to be loaded. The flexibility and reliability are closely associated with the design of a unique inflation mechanism. This compartmentalized air-filling of this kayak ensures safety from damages caused by leaks or punctures. This kayak is recommended by users as a well designed and manufactured kayak.

5. Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak with Deluxe Package

Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak with Deluxe Package

If your idea of adventure extends to a happening adventure sports in class 1-2 river, then owning a Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak with Deluxe Package is the best you can do, to fulfill your aspirations. This kayak is amazingly lightweight when deflated but inflates to a give a comfortable space for two people, with a weight up to 500 pounds. With superior design is enhanced to provide durability with extra thick puncture-proof K-80 polykrylar hull material, known to be used in all the high-end kayaks. Its nine-inch wide tube built body, I-beam, gives a rigid floor and good foothold and  its high-frequency welded seams make it the most solid inflatable boat, which can be used in white waters, with amazing steadiness.

Its seats are also inflatable and provide a comfortable place to sit on while paddling. The valves are sturdy to make the process of inflation and deflation quite easy, so that you are ready to hit the challenging waves within 10 minutes of your arrival at shore.  This kayak has a reliable stabilizing factor in form of two built-in skegs. It is portable to be carried to the closest river, being stored in an easy pickup duffle bag. It has inflatable spray skirts to save you from those sudden rippling splashes, two inflatable seats to give a comfortable experience of paddling, two highly handy oars and an easily operable foot pump. A three-year manufacturer’s warranty on this product definitely gives you a great deal in return of your bucks.

6. Intex Challenger K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump

ntex Challenger K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump

If you agree that two is a company, and the enjoyment doubles, when your best friend, spouse or kid enjoys the same hobby a you do, then buy the Intex Challenger K2 Kayak, a 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump. This is a reliable two-person kayak, but if you could not find some company, to enjoy your kayaking trip, you can still go ahead alone, with your plans. Intex Challenger K2 Kayak is as good as for single paddler as for two, with an advantage of a speedy voyage when carrying one paddler. It has sufficient space allowing about 350-pound weight onboard.

This great looking and easy paddle kayak is quite a hit with paddlers, who take a great pride in accepting the challenge of an enthusiastic race. And, if you are planning to carry ahead the fun, with a camp afterward, you can carry a load full of essentials, secured by the cargo net, provided with this kayak. Coming to its tracking facility, this kayak has a removable skeg, and once you practice well, it will give you a smoothest tracking experience, on any kind of water surface. The floor of this inflatable kayak is quite rigid and gives a strong foothold while paddling.

The Intex Challenger K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set is far tougher than it appears to be and its inflation and deflation is not at all clumsy. It takes just a few minutes of pumping to get a fully inflated and ready to row the kayak. Its portability, robustness and durability with super-tough Vinyl is appreciated by millions of users who vouch for its dependability since it is puncture proof and UV- damage resistant. It’s uniquely designed graphics and brightly colored exteriors, give you a great sense of security since it is a highly visible sports boat, even in the rapidest waters. Your trust on this product will double up as it is US Coast Guard recognized.

With two 84-inch aluminum oars, which are very lightweight to use, the experience on water, becomes a great memory. The inflatable seats provided for two people are adjustable and gives your back a sweat-free support to make your adventure as long as you wish. It is accompanied by a high-capacity air-fill pump, and a handy repair patch kit, which helps in handling crisis like punctures and leaks. Intex gives a 30-day manufacturer’s warranty, on this amazing product, so no need to worry about any kind of manufacturing defects. If you are thinking about its storage, then you will be relaxed to know, that after deflating it can be very easily accommodated in an accompanying bag, so portability is not an issue here.

7. Advanced Elements FireFly Inflatable Kayak

Advanced Elements FireFly Inflatable Kayak

Another quality product, as sparking as the name given to it, is from Advanced Elements, aerodynamically designed to give you the smoothest experience of kayaking. It has rigid built-in panels that are just perfect to give a proper structure to the boat with a defined bow and stern areas. Such a formation is the reason for its easy maneuvering in the worst kind of kayaking conditions, by improving tracking. Its durability is guaranteed by the robust PVC material used in creating its outer body.

The internal framing structure is covered with a distinctively superior outer cover, which not only provides an envious good appearance but durability as well, in spite of its extremely lightweight. It has got high quality, reliable Twistlok valves, which make the kayak retain its air fill. Set up time of this quick assemble kayak is very less, because of the innovative high flow spring valve. Its landing plate and a tracking fin give a superior performance if compared with other kayaks of its category. Space for additional accessories, you need to carry with the paddling activity, is provided as a mesh pocket.

This kayak is found to be very stable, by most of the users and even if it flips over, mounting back on the kayak is very easy. To further enhance its performance 600 D polyester cover and the bungee deck lacing is provided. The splash diverter gives you a splash free paddling experience and the welded perimeter seam makes it very dependable due to its integrated structure. Most of the buyers fell in love with this one paddler kayak after experiencing its ease of setup, portability, handiness and lightweight.

8. Advanced Elements AE1007-R Advanced Frame Convertible Inflatable Kayak

Advanced Elements AE1007-R AdvancedFrame Convertible Inflatable Kayak

How about a kayak that takes any kind of rough handling and still goes a long way with you? If you belong to those kinds of paddler, who want the best from their inflatable boats with minimum maintenance effort, then get yourself an AE1007-R Advanced Frame Convertible Inflatable Kayak manufactured by Advanced Elements. Its sturdiness matches your competent temperament, with a strong built-in aluminum frame, like ribs to the boat by shaping out bow and stern. This greatly improves paddling of the kayak in deep or shallow rocky waters.

Another level of durability comes with three layers of material, which makes it bear any kind of scratches or punctures without any break in your enjoyment.  It is factory pre-assembled which makes it ready, with the word go, because it can be easily unfolded, inflated using the accompanying air-pump and attaching the inflatable seats. Its two seats does not pose any obstruction to a solo paddling, you can easily detach one seat and make enough room to keep other gear. Its portability is doubtless with extremely handy duffel bag that stores this kayak neatly. To handle any kind of damages caused to the kayak, a repair kit, is also shipped along.

9. Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 Inflatable Kayak

Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 Inflatable Kayak

A versatile kayak needs to be comfortably paddled in all kind of water surfaces like rivers and lakes and if possible some calm sea surfaces like a bay. So for such needs, you don’t have to look anywhere else, get the Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 Inflatable Kayak, a perfect kayak for two adults. Its structure is enhanced for superior paddling experience with a built-in rigid panel on its bow and a similar structuring of the stern. This streamlining is guaranteed to give a smooth tracking experience with easy maneuvering.

Setting up time matters a lot to the paddlers and so does the reliability, that once inflated, the kayak will hold for long durations without a leak. This assurance is provided in this kayak with quick-inflating Twistlok and high-flow spring valves for a hassle-free setup.

As far as the seating is concerned nothing can be more comfortable in a kayak than the two padded seats, in this boat. The molded rubber-grip handles and its bungee deck lacing contribute to safe paddling of this kayak for two people. Its inner tube cover gives the much-needed toughness and is also highly adaptable to handle all kinds of abrasions. The landing plate and tracking fin makes tracking most effective in all kind of water surfaces. Other features like a splash diverter, a deck lift tube, and a foam floor make it a fully dependable boat to be frequently taken for a ride. Portability of the Lagoon2 is convenient, with a neat duffel bag for quick packing. This kayak does not go unstable like a hard-shelled kayak, so you can go underwater and climb back without overturning it. With ample space to stretch your legs, you will relish each moment spent of the paddling trip.

10. Intex Challenger K1 Kayak, 1-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump

Intex Challenger K1 Kayak, 1-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump

This one is a handy and durable kayak, from brand Intex, carrying all the features which make it a stylish but easygoing fun sports gear. The dependability comes with the durable welded material, giving a very attractive look to this one-person kayak, which can be easily spotted in any kind of water, a frolicking river or a tranquil lake.

The space for seating is well-designed to fit one person of any physique, giving ample area for relaxed leg space. Its inflatable I-beam floor gives the needed steadiness, in any kind of waters. It also comes with a cargo net at the front, so that your additional gear for this excursion is easily accessible to you. A grab line on both ends of kayak makes it safe, as the paddler can hold it on some rough patches of the voyage. You will get a relaxed sitting posture due to the convenient backrest.

Its rowing gear includes,  84-inch aluminum oar, to give you a controlled steering in water, a repair kit for the emergencies, high-output hand pump, and repair patch to take care of some accidental damage to the kayak in wee hours. If you are planning to go in waters that are known for trifling waves with strong gushes of winds, do not panic, this kayak will hold very nicely.

Things to consider to buy best inflatable kayak

Trully understanding what your need, it is easier to know which is the best type of inflatable kayak for you.

A kayak can’t be purchased as frequently as you get your grocery, since it is an investment for your leisure and pleasure. You have to do a lot of research before zeroing on an inflatable kayak to match your expectations. So here we have a list of features, which makes a kayak, “a star kayak”.

Types of  Inflatable Kayak

There are several types of kayak and each is designed for a certain task, I show here that the most common are:

  • Recreational kayak: This kayak is suitable for beginners or for those who need stability in rowing. They are generally large to ensure stability and not very long, which makes cornering, but hinders the paddle straight. Typically they do not have much room to store equipment, so they are not used in crossings lasting longer than one day. It’s a good choice for those who are starting out and do not want to spend much money.
  • Oceanic and Touring Kayak: It’s made for long voyages in the open sea and ensures stability in difficult conditions. It can also be used to cross lakes or rivers without rapids. Its hull is shaped to increase support in waves or choppy water. The sea kayaking has more space to store equipment and food, which makes it a good partner in more than one day expeditions. Finally, being longer and have keels or rudder, it is much easier you can paddle straight with speed, even with currents and side winds. The major difference between the touring kayak and the sea kayak is that the latter is greater than the first, so the sea kayak possible to make a greater cross since their storage capacity is greater and it is easier to maintain the course in straight line. While the tourism to be lower, it is very easy to maneuver and is generally used in smaller crossings.
  • White water kayaking: It is used to kayaking down the rapids, so it’s shorter, less stable and does not have fins. They are easy to maneuver and agile. The cockpit is tight and is designed to keep you in the kayak in the toughest conditions. Its hull is made of sturdy materials enough to withstand possible shocks normal in a rapid descent.

Paddler Capacity

Whether you want a solitary adventure or an exceptional outing with your family or friends, you must select your kayak accordingly.

Load capability

Kayaking is sometimes an extended picnic or a fishing getaway, so you must consider such inclinations and get a kayak to handle varying loads for different trips that you may have in your mind.

Ease to store and carry

A bulky and oversized kayak may put off your enthusiasm for adventure, because it would be difficult to carry it to the kayaking spot. Inflatable kayaks rate high on storage since they need less space.  A good pointer is that you should be able to keep in in your car trunk, so that you can jump to a paddling adventure anytime, anywhere.

Kayak design

A well-deigned kayak is guaranteed to give the best performance matching your excitement and energy for the adventure. An aqua-glide design is the latest trend, which gives a new level of glided steering, to a hardcore paddler. So check if this is being offered in your kayak.

Easy setup

Since, these are inflatable kayaks, so their setup time should be very less. Unpack, inflate and off you go to rule the waves.


Water sports are considered a bit risky by people, and so the kayak that we buy must qualify for high safety. Select a kayak which is stable, have some strong handles to hold on and must be easily climbed back, after a fall. NMMA certified and US coastguard approved kayaks are the best kayaks in terms of safety.

Comfortable seating

Its seats must be comfortable and adjustable so that you can fit in easily, to have a complete control on the kayak in the water.


The material of construction defines the strength and durability of a kayak, this must be an important factor to consider while selecting your inflatable kayak. Choosing a kayak, which is constructed from a puncture-resistant material and high-quality leak-proof valves.

Benefit of customer when they use inflatable kayak

An inflatable kayak is far more manageable and easy to handle than a hard shelled one. Imagine the storage need for a hard-shelled kayak and compare it with an inflatable one. An inflatable kayak is very easy to roll-up, pack and stow away under a cabinet or in the rack, without taking up much space and your attention.

Inflate it and off you go on the water, is the way you can describe its easy setup. It can be kept in the trunk of your car, so that if you come across a beautiful river during your travel, you can pump it up immediately and hop in for your fun break. These kayaks are so lightweight that if you fall out into the river while kayaking, it will not suffocate you, you can easily get it upright and climb back to continue with your adventure. Its easy handling and portability, will increase the frequency of your expeditions.

The inflatable kayaks can also be used as fishing boats, as a platform for deep diving or snorkeling and as small yachts, if you get the optional equipment- so one boat, many uses.  Since they are easy to handle and lightweight, these are ideal for kids and amateurs. If you want to have an extraordinary camping experience, then include an inflatable kayak, and see how exciting, the whole weekend becomes. An inflatable kayaks’ biggest benefit is its being low-priced. If you cannot afford a hard-shelled boat, then you can still enjoy boating with inflatable kayak models, which nowadays are professionally designed, durable, secure and reliable. So with so many benefits to count, you should immediately get a kayak that fits in the space of your car trunk and makes your vacations adventurous.

How to best use an inflatable kayak

Inflatable kayaks are easy to carry and easy to store. However, they require a little more attention than a standard kayak, simply because they are easier to damage.

When you are ending an entertaining kayaking weekend, take a time to pack the kayak after rinsing off it well, with water and clean up any residuals of your adventure.  The air-fill caps and the taps must be regularly checked for damage, to avoid unnecessary hassles next time you are ready to go in the white water.

Since kayaks are mostly made up of flexible materials like PVC, they are prone to air leaks and punctures. You must take care, that such sports gear are not kept near pointed objects, in the sun or handled roughly. You must also keep some leak-blockers handy so that you are able to patch up those unexpected pricks before the whole kayak gets destroyed. Kayaks must be kept away from fires, which are so common in camping.

Here are my experiences when using inflatable kayak:

Setting up your kayak

  • Set up your device before inflating the kayak. Make sure that you are changed and ready to enter the water once the kayak is inflated. Exposure to sun and sand can damage the inflatable kayak.
  • Inflate the kayak. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for inflating, for example, if you need to install seats and footrests first, then do it. Then, set the air pump and use it to inflate the kayak.
  • Make sure it is properly inflated. Use your air gauge to make sure that your kayak is inflated properly. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to see what the recommended air pressure is your kayak. If you do not have a meter that you can test the pressure feeling the kayak. Just hit the side of the kayak. He must be firm and make a sound like a drum.
  • Launch the kayak in shallow water. Now that your kayak is fully inflated, take the kayak in the water to about knees where it is safe for release. If the water is too shallow the risk of damaging the bottom of the kayak with stones and other beach debris. 

Landing his kayak and clean it

  • Landing the kayak in the water up to his knees: Once the water reaches the knee, jump out of the kayak and lift it so that it is not damaged.
  • Empty kayak: To empty, simply remove the lid Boston valley air and let the air out.
  • Clean the kayak: You will need to clean the kayak, especially if you have been kayaking in salt water. Wash your kayak you want fresh water and wipe off any scum or sunscreen outside with a little mild soap. Make sure when you water the kayak that the air valves are closed so that the water does not get inside the kayak. To dry the kayak, use an old towel. Sand and stones to scrape the bottom will not immediately destroy your kayak, over time it can cause damage.
  • Keep the kayak. Once the kayak is dry, roll it up folding kayak the sides toward the center until the kayak is small enough to fit in the bag it came in. Then simply store the kayak in a cool, dry place until the next time you decide to take it off.

My tips

  • When storing kayak make sure the place you store it withou any problems in rodents since these animals could tear into your kayak.


To find out which model kayak you need to buy, first of all, you should ask some questions. Truly understanding your need, it becomes easier to know the best type of kayak for you.

Some common questions may be useful for you when finding your own inflatable kayak. Just try to find some common answers to these questions and you will get the best inflatable kayak by your own

  • How much are you willing to spend for your inflatable kayak? The prices may vary in a larger range depending on kayak size, type of kayak and material, brand. Understanding what type of kayak you that need so you will be able to compare prices and know which one that fits in your pocket.
  • Where will you use the kayak? You want to paddle in calm waters such as lakes and rivers? Or want to use it in heavy seas? Or, maybe you want to challenge yourself with dangerous waterfalls?
  • How far will you go to make long-day journeys, maybe several days or one month? Or you just take trips of a few kilometers? Depending on the time it will be paddling, your kayak may be large to store food and equipment.
  • You will paddle alone, in pairs or in groups? There are several types of kayaks that can accommodate more than one person. So before you buy, it is best for you to know you are paddling alone or you have a team of one or more persons.
  • What is your kayaking experience or how do you plan a competition? With such a large number of types and models of kayaks, if you are already experienced or play sport seriously, it may be worth spending more money on that? But if you choose one kayak only for recreation, there is no need to spend lots of money on that you will not know how to exploit its full potential performance.
  • Are the inflatable kayaks durable and reliable? Yes, since most of them are made of materials like nylon or PVC, sometimes in three layers, to make a kayak puncture-proof. The valves used are also leak proof.
  • Are the inflatable kayaks good in speed? Most of the inflatable kayaks can achieve speeds like their hard-shelled counterparts. This is due to flexibility, aerodynamic shape and good rudder and skegs.
  • Can I get replacements of worn out items for my inflatable kayak’s? Seats are the parts which can be purchased separately if the kayak has detachable seats. Rest of things like skegs or splash skirts can also be bought separately.
  • How to select a perfect size inflatable kayak for my needs? You must first decide on the number of seats required, then short list kayaks whose weight carrying capacity, matches the weight of paddlers and some extra gear.

Last buying advice for your inflatable kayak choices

So, you have learned about the killer features, for selecting your best suitable inflatable kayak and must have checked on the amazing inflatable kayak reviews of some high-end kayaks. All you need to do is to check out for these features while you are finalizing your options and always try to read some feedback and reviews of the people who have used an inflatable kayak before you make your final decision.  Of course, your friends can give you a great advice, but do visit online shops like amazon, to take a look at available models and compare them on their features. Another advantage of this exercise is that you will be able to have a zoomed view of the kayaks from all possible angles to analyze its features.  Such sites also offer some amazing discounts and coupons, to give the best in return to your money.

Final thoughts

Kayaking is a great sport and a fun way to have an outing with your family. Keep your needs and limitations in you view and get a kayak that fits your pocket, is the high-end product in security and safety and portable to convert your idea of enjoyment, into a refreshing retreat.