Paddle Blade Rescue Techniques

Description: Quite often, paddlers gets into odd situations while kayaking. If they keep a paddle blade aid in the kayak, then they will be in a better position to protect themselves and fellow paddler. While paddling together, there is a huge chance that you or your fellow paddler could capsize while rescuing one another or […]

How to choose the best fishing rod

Fishing is an ancient way of hunting sea animals. The methods and techniques of fishing have undergone a series of changes. Now, fishing has become a lot more exciting and successful. There is a major role of the fishing rod in the increased success rate of the fishermen. If you are fond of fishing and […]

Sea eagle 370 inflatable kayak review

Editor Rating Rated 5 stars Spectacular Sea Eagle 370 Inflatable Kayak with Pro Package Reviewed by: James R. Douglas Published on: October 13, 2015 Last modified: July 10, 2016 Design Editor: 95% Material Editor: 96% Quality Editor: 95% Price Editor: 98% Review Summary: – Lightweight, portable to carry and suitable to seat three people onboard – Robust K80 […]

Coleman Colorado Fishing Kayak Review

Editor Rating Rated 5 stars Spectacular Coleman Colorado(TM) 2-Person Fishing Kayak Reviewed by: James R. Douglas Published on: October 27, 2015 Last modified: July 12, 2016 Design Editor: 95% Material Editor: 97% Quality Editor: 95% Price Editor: 95% Review Summary: – Economical, reliable, safe and stable fishing boat for two persons. – Inflatable and deflatable in literally no […]

Essential gear for kayak fishing

Surely you can get good parts with minimal supplies. But if you plan to go fishing all day, there are some things that are often forgotten at home and possibly help you make your journey even easier and enjoyable without having to be loaded with a long list of items that the end you will […]

Reasons to go fishing form a kayak

Fishing from kayak is going to give you a plenty of excitement. In the last decade, the popularity of kayak fishing has increased exponentially. It is possible for people to buy a good quality kayak from $1000-$2000, thus making it an attractive option for serious fishermen who are looking to expand their horizons. It is […]

What To Know Before Kayaking

As a newbie to any outdoor sport, we all feel uncertain about where to begin and how to learn about the sport. We might not always need any special skill or a hidden talent before we begin to think about learning a new sport. But the one thing that everyone would surely need before they […]

Best Fishing Kayak

Read more: Best editor’s choice for inflatable fishing kayak: Coleman Colorado(TM) 2-Person Fishing Kayak with Amazon’s customer rating: 4.8/5 Top rated fishing kayak: (225+ Amazon customer reviews): Sea Eagle SE370 Pro Packagewith Amazon rating: 61% rating: 5/5 20% rating: 4/5 If you love water, then it would be an easy guess that fishing is your thing as well. You might […]

Basic Kayak Paddling Skills

Kayaking is one of the fastest growing of the water sports in the USA. Some other good reasons to paddle include: Kayaking is peaceful and meditative or can be exhilarating – depending on where and how you do it. Provides  cardiovascular fitness Increases torso and leg strength So it is very important to take a lesson […]

Basic Kayaking Tips For Beginners

Read more: Things to know: basic kayak paddling skills Kayaking: What to Know Before You Go So now you have a kayak in your garage and you are surely excited to take it down in the lake. Kayaking is such an outdoor leisurely activity that can really cheer you up from the monotonous boredom of […]